As of late, I am more often asked the question: what do you think of such and such miracle pill against candida albicans, fungal infections, and chronic candidiasis?

People frequently contact me because I have some experience of candidiasis…  I think I can label myself today as a specialist of the anti-fungal detox. If today I have these results with my readers and clients, it is primarily because of one tiny detail: I have a holistic approach to candidiasis, instead of symptomatic. No drugs, rehabilitation.

Translation: I will not give you a “miracle pill” that will take away you chronic UTIs. I will however, heal all the imbalances and toxicity that are causing the interconnected symptoms (physical and emotional) you have, including UTIs. Take it or leave it.

The symptomatic approach of candidiasis: our conditioning

Now, most of you who will read this: your parents, and your neighbors, have been conditioned by Western medicine and the pharmaceutical industry to accept a symptom-response approach instead of trying to find the real problem. The real problem is the actual cause of your illness: the only way to get rid of it is to target the root cause, or at least to keep it in check before it degenerates into a chronic disease.

I would like to once and for all to dispel the general misunderstanding, created as a result of this form of conditioning: to explain “why/how” there should be no questions about the validity of an integrative approach in relation to a symptomatic approach.

The integration of several complementary anti-candidiasis approaches VS the fight of the single symptom

First of all, we have to set the record straight: A popular assumption is that an anti-candidiasis treatment consists of administering or prescribing anti-fungal drugs, and possibly advise the elimination of a number of foods known to maintain the vitality of candida albicans. It’s still largely practiced and believed today.

We consider (for the majority) the fungal infections that are visible exteriorly such as athlete’s foot, or vaginal thrush, as the main problem to focus on. We rarely launch into any background treatment to remove the multitude of symptoms that are not visible on the outside, such as anxiety, fatigue, joint pain, loss of libido, or depression: classic symptoms of chronic candidiasis, generalized candida albicans infection.

The outcome is telling these victims of candidiasis that it’s all coming from their head and that, since the tests are negative, there is no need to worry. And yet, the victims are worried. They are left in doubt and misunderstanding.

Misunderstood candidiasis victims

These victims are mostly women because they are the ones who suffer the main triggers that cover hormonal variations, contraceptive pill intake, and pregnancy.

Men attribute female hormonal variations to perpetual mood swings, gynecological, urinary, and dermatological problems, for which we can’t find a solution. Chronicity that we would gladly live without; if we had the tools to learn to control our candida albicans infestation.

But what man would take the time to dig into this problem (he is not concerned)?

Unless having empathy that is manifested more in deductive thinking than in “it’s nothing miss, probably stress… take sedatives,” the phrase that many of my patients have all heard once in their life.

The men’s pill

Men also suffer from chronic candidiasis without knowing it (and without trying to know it) because a man, when he has problems, behaves like a man. He is stronger than the disease. (However we all know how men are when they have a cold… “Man flu”?)

That is to say that they will take the miracle pill with a manly gesture instead of bowing to a whole series of rituals forced upon them by women… that would entail taking away their beer and coffee (for big strong men, they sure have a lot of “survival” needs). And yes, that’s the heart of the problem.

Candidiasis: the product of progress

Chronic candidiasis is a pure product of progress… aka of our new “lifestyle”, of industrialization, mass distribution and pharmacy.

What causes a yeast, a classic host of our intestinal flora, to suddenly overgrow enough to invade our tissues, constantly weaken our immunity, damage our intestines and cause autoimmune reactions, life-threatening allergies, depression and other developmental and behavioral problems in children? All of this right in front of conventional doctors who simply ignore it.

Environmental toxicity.

Yes, the toxicity that surrounds us: what we live in; the one thing we don’t even look at twice at because its such a normal part of our life; what has been put in place to make our life easier, to please us, to accommodate us and all its consequences.

That is: our air, water, food, medicines, and stress.

Is there a way out?

If we lived in the depths of Tibet, in a monastery dedicated exclusively to meditation and frugality, and if there, despite everything, a fungal infection manifested (by mistake) and a miracle pill was made available: I would say yes to the miracle pill, because the environment would not promote a recurrence.

But if you have a hectic life that makes you sleep late and get up early; if you take the pill; have already had children, who drive you insane; a husband who regularly takes you out to eat; who likes to share his drink with you; girlfriends or colleagues with whom you like to have a coffee and eat cake; invitations here and there where you will be served cocktails, small nibbles, which will give you a stomach ache, and a headache, for which you will take medicine. In this instance, the miracle pill against your repeated mycoses/UTIs is only a decoy or a placebo.

Chronic Candidiasis Club

I must admit that all my clients are part of what I call “the chronic candidiasis club”.

After the first consultation I tell them: “Welcome to the club!”

All of them come to me barely holding on by a thread… some other therapists I used to work with would send me these said clients because they didn’t know how to go about treating them:  it so happened that these women had too many emotional problems for them to treat to their taste. I usually spend a solid month restoring them physically and energetically.

They start to enjoy life again, they put the whole family on a diet, sometimes the husband will follow suit: they are transformed and rediscover a taste for life.

Later on, they let themselves be dragged down (unwillingly) by friends, old habits… a glass of something here and there. Festive occasions where they take advantage of their new energy, their new figure: this until an unexpected form of stress strikes them, and they call me panicked because they start to worry or are finding it hard to sleep.

They relapse.

Between the moment when they call me and the moment they arrive at the clinic, they have had time to realize what happened… they deviated; let the gaps be more numerous than the detoxifying gestures they were taught during their detox program.

It’s the booster shot

However, this booster is far less painful than the idea of once again living a life submerged by chronic candidiasis. Re-educating takes time, because your environment is present… and you have to manage it differently. But everything turns out for the best in the end.

The path to a life without chronic candidiasis, therefore without fatigue, digestive problems, skin problems, anxiety, insomnia, excess weight, heart problems, diabetes: in short, without the chronic diseases that await 50 % of the population of the industrialized countries… look at it this way, it’s simply the fight against toxicity. And that’s a daily job.