“Your Anti-Candida Aromatic Program”
The one of a kind, gourmet, smart and powerful anti-inflammation/chronicity and anti-candida approach

Finally adopt the right habits, foods, remedies and reflexes that will help you keep chronic inflammation in the control zone, and day after day, out of your body

The ultimate tool for a DRUG FREE HAPPY LIFE

Surely You're Utterly Sick of being Sick And Tired Of not Getting the Proper help? Well You Don't Have To Be...
Not anymore. 
Chronic skin issues?
Uncontrollable weight gain?
Attention problems?
Difficult menopause?

If you recognized yourself in ANY of these chronic problems, then you’re in the right place, and well done! 
These are everyday problems; we have accepted these little pebbles in our shoes. 
What if I told you that these SHOULDN’T have to be normal occurrences, and that you have a say in their presence in your life? There is a way out. 
This is your “get out of jail free card”. 
Have you ever experienced the healing power of a real Candida diet?
Did you know that very often a Diet alone is not enough?
 Well, here is the proper answer you have been waiting for: 
A complete holistic-aromatic 30 day program!
The holistic use of Essential oils makes the difference and offers you all these features that you won't find anywhere else.
Your copy of the “Anti-candida aromatic program” is your introduction to a whole new education about Candida albicans and why you need to know about this little critter, with an addition of my personal experience living and dealing with it.
Recognizing physical and emotional symptoms of candida overgrowth has never been easier: with the additional help of eastern medicine techniques to identify where your issues originate with the support of holistic aromatherapy.

Clueless about the use of essential oil? No problem.
The “Anti-candida aromatic program” is in simplest terms a step-by-step guide, with professional tips to transition into a new diet/lifestyle change that will starve the candida overgrowth in your gut.
You have at your disposal over 100 pages of anti-candida true and tested recipes that don’t skimp on flavor and variety. The detox is just as the name indicates: a detox. I know the term is a little scary, but with the support of essential oils and the recipes, the transition will be easy. You will want for nothing during this diet, except for the odd tub of ice cream, but we must be strong!
In its entirety, this is a program that introduces the reader to a real experience of holistic aromatherapy: how essential oils considerably improve the efficiency and emotional comfort of a restrictive diet and detox. 
This is an ideal way to start a drug free lifestyle and a clean way to heal yourself!

Your grocery list, allowing you to properly manage the availability of your very own foods
Plenty of anti-fungal gourmet recipes from all over the world, to please the entire family as well as your guests
Drug free alternatives to classic medicine used for candida related symptoms
Pages to help your customize the program to demanding situations such as Autism, ADHD, Sugar addiction.
Tips to help you get the most from the program and stay “clean” for a long time
Tools to help you identify the imbalances feeding your candidosis
Pages to help you deal with your toxic emotions with essential oils
Aromatic preparations to ready yourself for physical and emotional detoxification, as well as symptoms relief
You need this book if....
🌸 You suffer from a chronic disease and do not wish to take all these drugs for the rest of your life?

🌼 You are pregnant and you’d rather not take any potentially toxic treatment?

💐  You need to find a toxicity free help for your ADHD or Autistic child?

🌷 You want to use safe and powerful yet natural ways to work on your physical and emotional symptoms

💐You hate being on a diet
The recipes offered here are based on carefully chosen ingredients that are most primarily anti-fungal and detoxifying.

Making them part of your eating habits will be beneficial to you for the rest of your life, to maintain both your internal and emotional balance and to protect you against future re-occurrence of candida.
Doctors prescribe it and hundreds of people already used it in Europe and Canada

What do they say about it?
“Congratulations! I loved this book that takes us right in the heart of the problem and offers solutions. Finally someone who goes further then simply writing on the subject but gives us the keys to a better well being. All we have to do is to follow, step by step this generous, detailed and fun program.
Myself being a therapist, I know that I will prescribe this guide as it is practical, useful and efficient. Very nice work! Many thanks to its author!” Pierre Mougel, Chinese Medicine practitioner, Kehl, Germany.

"You are a mine of vital information.
And I note how much your recipes in the book are excellent !! My husband says we have never eaten as well as since we are on the  diet! "

"I had recurrent vaginal thrush (1 per month at the end) for 7 years.
I could not take it anymore and I was fed up with wasting my time stalling appointments at the gynecologist or at the pharmacy for me to be prescribed the famous non efficient ovules.
Unfortunately, it took me a while to find you.
Your blog is not the first one to fall on when researching fungal infections ...
It's a shame because you would save lives !!!

Your book is very well done and recipes day by day are ideal because we do not have to think about menus without gluten / sugar / milk which at the beginning is a little confusing!

But you've brought me more than just getting rid of candida:
By starting to take care of myself (I worked a lot, was extremely stressed and did not have time to play sports or any activity), I listened more and one year later:
I'm changing jobs and I do a lot of sport! I'm having fun !!!
Changing my diet allowed me to change my life ...
and finally I am very happy to have had this xxx of candida!"
Liza, France.
“For almost two years I suffered with yeast infections. Doctors could never help me with this problem and one day, doing some research, I discovered your book. I started the diet almost two months ago. It was difficult during the first weeks since my symptoms intensified. Thanks to your advice I could adapt my treatment and finally experienced normal sensations in my body. It feels good! Today I am adding back new foods to my diet thanks to essential oils. I can feel how much they help me. A big thanks to you.” Jackeline, France

“Here are some very welcome recipes when we only have an ultra strict diet and almost every food is forbidden! With your recipes, Cécile, we get our confidence back. But mostly, we continue having pleasure fighting the “bad candida”. We absolutely do not feel like we are on a diet, and this is perhaps what helps so much the healing process!! Or in any case, what helps to hold on and continue…To diffuse very widely!” Stephane, HongKong.

If you too are wishing to learn how to take care of yourself, your body and your emotions, using the simple coherent way your body craves for, simply follow the guide.

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