“Your Anti-Candida Aromatic Program”

The one of a kind, gourmet, smart and powerful anti-candida approach

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 Well, here is much more: a whole therapeutic program!


orange-arrowYou do not want to take a pill at each meal for the rest of your life?

You are pregnant and you’d rather not take any potentially toxic anti-candida treatment?

orange-arrowYou need to find a toxicity free anti-candida treatment for your ADHD or Autistic child?


 You want to use safe and powerful yet natural ways to work on your physical and emotional symptoms?


You hate being on a diet


Here is the answer!

Did you know how powerful  Holistic Aromatherapy can be? 

Yes, it works ( in the same time)

On your symptoms of die off (so you don’t need drugs)

On your energetic weaknesses (so you work also on the causes of your candidosis)

On boosting your mood (no more toxic emotions)

On decreasing your sugar cravings (more strength to resist the bad stuff)

On helping the external manifestations of the fungal infection

On fighting the internal toxicity coming from the candida mycotoxins

On boosting your immunity

On cleaning your liver and your kidneys

On repairing your gut

On reducing inflammation

And it creates synergies with any food supplements.


Discover the power of essential oils in dermal applications and how good it is to let your digestive system rest…




It is also a very practical and easy way to learn how to protect yourself from the epidemic of chronic diseases that will touch half of the American population in the coming years

bulletCheckYou’ll learn to avoid what was creating the invasion of the fungus, which means taking care of your toxicity level, your immunity, your digestive system, your silent inflammation
bulletCheckYou’ll discover why this diet is also the best way to prevent most of the major chronic diseases that half of the US population will be affected with by 2025. Yes, we are talking about chronic disease, because all of them are linked to inflammation and candida infection.

Do you think a pill can do that?

I don’t.
Simply because a single pill cannot prevent all chronic diseases.
Proper lifestyle and food habits can.
You need to cook at home and use drug free ways to manage your symptoms
Here are the numbers illustrating how chronic diseases, all linked to candida overgrowth and internal inflammation, have become increasingly  part of our lives in the United States.
  • Did you know that, 133 million Americans ( 45% of the population ) have at least one chronic disease : diabetes, obesity, asthma, cancer, chronic bronchitis, allergies, ADHD etc…
  • Chronic diseases are killing more than 1.7 million Americans every year
  • They account for 81% of hospital admissions; 91% of all prescriptions filled; and 76% of all physician visits
  • The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that eliminating the three main root causes – poor diet, inactivity  and smoking – would prevent 80% of heart disease and stroke, 80% of type 2 diabetes, and 40% of cancers
  • By 2025, chronic diseases will affect an estimated 164 million Americans ( nearly half of the population)


If you are on this page, it is not by chance…

You or your loved one’s, maybe a child, most probably have a mysterious health problem that might have you searching for a treatment that could relieve you of this burden, as it is most probable that no solution to date have seemed to show any effect.

Problems that re-appear out of the blue, like clock work despite all the treatments that have been prescribed.


All of the big or small re-occurring pains for which you have not found a solution and pollute your life, such as:

These are a few of the visible symptoms of CANDIDA infection.

But there is also such a thing as INVISIBLE CANDIDOSIS, which is much more frequent than anticipated.

Candida over population in your gut (disbiosis) is most probably one of the root causes of:

As for the children: Ecole-parents

All of it being potentially or actually chronic diseases.


What is in this book?

The recipes offered here are based on carefully chosen ingredients that are most primarily anti-fungal and detoxifying.

Making them part of your eating habits will be beneficial to you for the rest of your life, to maintain both your internal and emotional balance and to protect you against future re-occurrence of candida.

Hundreds of people already used it in Europe and Canada :

“I purchased this book to have new recipes ideas, I was getting tired of eating the same things everyday. I found what I was looking for and further more thanks to the author’s follow up and advices. At last, I don’t have the feeling to be alone with my problems anymore.” Sabine, France

“I suffer from candidosis and do not want to fall once again in the infernal and useful circle of synthetic anti-fungal drugs. My only concern is to find a serious therapist able to guide me through healing with essential oils or any other natural treatments. The worse in this pathology is the loneliness we experience facing the lack of understanding from both our family and medical professionals. Thank you for what I foresee with you.”

Sylvie, France.

“For almost two years I suffered with yeast infections. Doctors could never help me with this problem and one day, doing some research, I discovered your book. I started the diet almost two months ago. It was difficult during the first weeks since my symptoms intensified. Thanks to your advice I could adapt my treatment and finally experienced normal sensations in my body. It feels good! Today I am adding back new foods to my diet thanks to essential oils. I can feel how much they help me. A big thanks to you.” Jackeline, France

“Here are some very welcome recipes when we only have an ultra strict diet where almost every food is forbidden! With your recipes, Cécile, we get our confidence back. But mostly, we continue having pleasure fighting the “bad candida”. We absolutely do not feel like we are on a diet, and this is perhaps what helps so much the healing process!! Or in any case, what helps to hold on and continue…To diffuse very widely!” Stephane, HongKong.


If you too are wishing to learn how to take care of yourself, your health and your balance, using the simple coherent way your body craves for, simply follow the guide.

A health care professional tells us:

orange-arrow“Congratulations! I loved this book that takes us right in the heart of the problem and offers solutions. Finally someone who goes further then simply writing on the subject but gives us the keys to a better well being. All we have to do is to follow, step by step this generous, detailed and fun program.

Myself being a therapist, I know that I will prescribe this guide as it is practical, useful and efficient. Very nice work! Many thanks to its author!” Pierre Mougel, Chinese Medicine practitioner, Kehl, Germany.

Another Health specialist, Anne Benissan,  author of EZcouple.com, tells us :

“When one knows how detrimental candida overgrowth can be, this book is a blessing. Not only Cecile details every step, including how to deal with your emotions while you do this diet, she also opens the door to a new way of eating that is pleasant and fun. This is by far the best diet on the market to starve the candida and keep it under control.”

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