Autumn started a few days ago and you may already feel it in your body or especially in your mood. We actually all have a different way to live this season, perhaps seeing in it a transition to winter. How do you live it?

What about this:  autumn is an occasion to get ready for winter, physically as well as emotionally. You may escape from fatigue and moodiness in winter, if you prepare it carefully.

Chinese medicine and Aromatherapy both very good ways to make the best of your autumn.


Autumn: the Metal season



For the Chinese, autumn begins on the 15th of august, just when days start shrinking. During this season Lung energy is in fullness. Lungs are energetically linked to metal element, large intestine and skin.

It is customary to sustain our lung energy in autumn, eating white foods, wearing white clothes and metal jewelry.

But today, I would like to explain how holistic aromatherapy emotionally assists those who need it through this transition towards winter.

I call those who need who suffer in autumn  « metal imbalanced ».


Understanding the psychology of « metal imbalanced »




“Metal imbalanced” people usually suffer from

Negative thoughts

Feeling like a victim

Being melancholic

Being shut off in pessimism and lack of accomplishment.


Apathic, procrastinated, the metal unbalanced people need to be pushed to act, to face life difficulties.

They need to change their subjective perception of life. They need to be encouraged to act, to discover their own resources, the means available to face life challenges instead of escaping them.


Here is how aromatherapy will help




  • Clary sage essential oil is the answer to boost self-confidence, reduce paranoia, depression, stubbornness and narrow-mindedness.
  • May chang essential oil helps to eliminate negative thoughts, calm nervousness, anxiety, fear, phobias, while working on  psychosomative digestive issues.
  • Frankincense essential oil helps changing the perception of things, limits mental chatter, decreases fear of the future, obsessions, nervous and emotional exhaustion.

Now, since this is all about autumn, lets talk about Lung energy.

Peole with an imbalanced lung energy often suffer from respiratory problems, from asthma to bronchitis.

They may benefit from regularly smelling these oils, or simply massage their chest and throat with it, as a treatment.

Clary sage, Frankincense and May chang applied daily will improve both your mood, emotional state and respiratory condition.


Here’s an essential oil blend suggestion for a local application


   In 5 ml of base oil (grapeseed, macadamia …)
• 3 drops of may chang essential oil,
• 1 drop of frankincense essential oil
• 1 drop clary sage essential oil


Apply on your throat and chest, on your fore arms, inside your wrists, after your shower, if possible morning and night.




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