In many countries, whenever a health practitioner is asked about breastfeeding, he or she remains very correct in recalling the sacrosanct “of course, breastfeeding is great, but nothing beats a happy mother giving the bottle…(implying that if breastfeeding is too harsh on you, you can switch to bottle).




However, I recently found in a magazine an article that says aloud what I silently write with a sense of talking to walls : “you’ll enjoy much more breastfeeding that expected if you hold on it for at least six months”.

Usually, we talk about the benefits for the baby : the beauty here is that you can actually enjoy it yourself! Good to know, right?


Think of a few facts

  • Breastfeeding helps you to lose your baby weight

620. This is the amount of calories you burn each day simply by feeding your baby. This is the best way to get back in shape in less than six months!

And this is without counting the balance of activity a young mother has to put with. You cannot afford to lose time now…and this is another good reason to breastfeed.

  • No more time to lose

With your breasts always ready, nothing to warm up, nothing to wash, sterilize and carry with you. Your baby is hungry? Your breasts know it and make the milk raise in the same time.


Breastfeeding: it is all about organization fauteil allaitement

A nursing mother must organize herself to maximize her well being.

The best thing to do is to organize various little “feeding corner” in her house where she’ll have :

  • A nice rocking chair,
  • little boxes filled with nutritious snacks (nuts,
  • dried figs and dates for calcium and other important minerals)
  • and WATER! Lots of water.


Breastfeeding means a proper diet


Regarding the diet, simply choose organic, fresh flawless foods.

Whatever you eat, your milk will always be better for your baby than any formula. Remember that you need to avoid toxins at all cost!



Breastfeeding doesn’t mix with toxicity

Whatever the drug, it is dangerous. According to the US Centers for Disease Control, more than 100 000 Americans die every year from properly prescribed and properly taken prescriptions.

This is more, every 10 days, than the people who were killed in the 9/11 attack.

You cannot take the risk to poison yourself or your baby.

So, no drugs or medication. This is why aromatherapy is so handy!

Let me show you why.


Essential oils for breastfeedingcitron EO

Any essential oil will be much better accepted and less toxic than any medicine.

What happens is that drugs feed misinformation into the cells to reach a temporary relief, but there is never any true healing.

  • Drugs toxify and oils detoxify.
  • Drugs depress the immune system, and oils strengthen the immune system.
  • Drugs clog and confuse receptor sites and oils clean these receptor sites.


Here is a list of essential oils especially adapted to your very needs:

You need to sleep to produce milk, so sleep when your baby sleeps!

  • Here is your relaxing oil: roman chamomile. 5 drops in a teaspoon of coconut oil, massaged on your chest and belly.
  • You want to avoid abdominal pain to your baby : roman chamomile and neroli.

1 drop of chamomile and 1 drop of neroli in two teaspoons of coconut oil, massage on your baby’s belly, as needed.

  • To help your milk production: 3 drops of fennel essential oil in a teaspoon of coconut oil, massage on your breasts (it is also good against sore nipples and baby colics)
  • In case of breast engorgement: 3 drops of clary sage essential oils and 2 drops of frankincense essential oil in a teaspoon of coconut oil. Massage on the breasts after a hot shower and wrap them into a warm towel.
  • To protect and heal your nipples: a teaspoon of coconut oil with a drop of roman chamomile. Massage on your nipples, even before feeding your baby. It is not toxic at all in case it goes in his mouth.

Make sure all the aureola of the nipple is in the baby’s mouth.téton

If you have very sensitive nipples during the first two weeks, drink very cold water through a straw from the start of feeding.

If you want to make sure you are not simply responding to the need of comfort from suction, wait until your baby calls you louder to feed him. It’ll be much more effective!

Do not keep your eyes on a watch! Just make sure that you empty one breast before you offer the second. Soon, you’ll enjoy this precious moment.


You have questions? Are not sure about what is good for you? Ask me!


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