Bliss in the winter: knowing that it is cold outside, looking at snow flakes slowly falling behind the window while you are in the warmth of your bed. This is bliss.


This is something I felt this morning as I was under the covers: the light outside was enough to show the snow silently dancing in the dark and quickly whitening the ground.

Nothing replaces this show…and I can’t see any healthy other good reason to stay in bed but one: playing in bed with your night partner.

Yes, this is what you think it is: the exercise of the “animal with two backs” (as we say in French).

Let me explain.couple



Making love is the best thing you may supply to your health and balance, especially during wintertime.

Tons of scientific information confirm that orgasm is much more than a simple cardio vascular exercise or an anti-stress remedy.

Indeed, its “side effects” apply on our physiological state as much as psychological and spiritual. And, yes, it keeps you younger.

I could add that a Time magazine post, “16 unexpected ways to add years to your life” puts orgasm on top of the list of what benefits our life’s expectancy.

According to doctors, three orgasms per week or 200 a year, is enough to help reduce our physiological age and

  • Reduce the risks of heart disease
  • Reach our fitness goals
  • Reduce stress
  • Balance appetite
  • Have a better sleepdos
  • Reduce depression
  • Reduce pain
  • Stimulate blood circulation
  • As well as cancer prevention.


Ultimately, to take care of you health you have the choice: regular orgasms or the treadmill!

If you are lucky enough to have a “someone special” in your life with whom you can practice “love exercises”, you may boost your relationship for the sake of good health via supplying mutual orgasms!


I understand that sometimes it may ask for a little more efforts than usual.


So here are some tips that may help you win His or Her cooperation.



Ist: Forget about bad habits such as following a routine. Do something surprising! Try a new restaurant together, a Latin dance class (tango is soooo hot!), switch place in bed, or best, instead of offering a regular Christmas gift, reserve a night in a palace, resort or very nice hotel offering spa, hot tub, couple massage etc….you’ll be both motivated to take advantage of the situation.



2d: Banish screens! From your phone to your bedroom TV! Screens kill love games. Do not distract yourself from the other. Do not risk to make the other feel that anything is more important that being together. Remember that a simple gesture may be enough to bring you closer or further apart.

3d: Use compliments! This is an Italian specialty. As a woman, each time I’ve been alone with an Italian man I noticed the way he looked at me as if I were a huge very tempting cream puff. Nothing vulgar or insulting here, but quite flattering and hard to resist…

Your eyes must be sending messages of compliments. Find something positive in your partner everyday and express it.

4th: Touch, touch, touch! Holding hands, exchanging little kisses can still happen after years of life together! Touch keeps you connected and helps you two to stay on the road of the three orgasms per week.

Technically, starting with a shower or bath together, followed with a mutual massage with an aromatic oil is a good way to start.


Aromatherapy for love

Here is a sensual blend you may prepare in advance (and keep handy in a nice bottle).

In 20 ml of base oil (macadamia, peach kernel, almond), add:

  • 3 drops of Patchouli Essential Oilmassage
  • 2 drops of Bergamot EO
  • 2 drops of Black pepper EO
  • 3 drops of Atlas Cedarwood EO.


Start with the feet of you partner and go as far as love takes you….