End of October. Soon the winter weather will be nice and cold, especially here in New England, very cold.

We’ll put on thick, cosy clothes and will deal the best we can with winter temperatures.

But feeling cold may also due to what early doctors used to call « humors. »


When you feel cold all the timepinguin

According to the « humors » theory, our body’s four elements (blood, wet and warm, in the heart, ; yellow bile, warm and dry, in the liver ; black bile, cold and dry, in the spleen ; phlegm, cold and wet, in the brain, kidney, bladder and stomach) must coexist in a balanced way.

However, aging, seasons or food may lead to humor imbalances.

These imbalances will be as deep and rooted as the level of pollution and toxicity we are exposed to.

Indeed, the more we are toxic, the most difficult it is to our liver and kidneys to detoxify our body.

This is one of the main explication for chronic diseases increase in our industrialized countries : The most common diseases (cancer, rheumatisms, back pains) stem from various cold imbalances, leading to numbed organs, black bile accumulation, phlegm build up and a poor toxin elimination.


Fight the inner coldchat

To reestablish balance within humors or body fluids, which is the basis of a good state of health, simply use the power of essential oils, combined or not with a few acupressure points.

The aim is

  • To raise internal temperature
  • To reduce dampness
  • To increase waste elimination


To raise internal temperature and reduce dampness, massage your body with heating essential oils such as Myristica fragrans Pipper nigrum Zingiber officinalis Cinnamomum cassia (follow the dilutions rules)

ventreYou’ll massage your belly , lower back and fore arms with a properly diluted blend of these oils.


To increase waste elimination, massage your body with diuretic, antitoxic and kidney stimulating essential oils such as Angelica archangelica Rosmarinus officinale Thymus serpyllum Vetivera zizanoides Menthe piperita Cedrus atlantica

It is best to massage your feet energetically with a blend of these oils, properly diluted in a carrier.

And remember to drink hot and eat hot as much as possible!