Back pain…of course it may be purely postural or induced by what you have in your belly, but when you get suddenly stuck and cannot move, it is mostly coming from a painful change in your life, something that is twisting your arm…


Ask yourself: are you living a transition? Changing career, job, house, spouse? Or perhaps, is it at a budding stage?

It could be a death, a rupture or a birth! Any change of this type may cause a deep stress, a distress, a twist in your daily life, in your plans…and you simply might have too much on your back right now.

So, instead of focusing exclusively on this local pain in your back, think of the real cause: what is happening in your life?


Work on it.

Go over it.

But first, nail it.

Stop overlooking it…look at the truth straight in the eyes, even though it is not the most beautiful one.

Remember an important thing: future is never as dark as you may fear, neither as bright as you might hope.

So, whatever you fear or hope, reality will be something else and might be really, really surprising.

No need to kill your back for that!


Let go, so your back pain can go…thym


You need to let go, to accept and to move over…and for that, fight your stress, fight fear, be open to more joy and love.

This is when essential oils could be the answer!


Here they are: Jasmin, Rose otto, Thyme.massage dos 


  • Jasmin is for your upper back, shoulders and neck. Antispasmodic, I give it during labor, but it is the best oil for a man who has too much to carry on his shoulders. Jasmin will help your physical pain as well as your depression, pessimism, paranoia, lack of self-love and heartache.


  • Rose otto (rosa damascena) is for any pain coming from nervous tension. Analgesic but also anti-depressant, it will hold your hand during any hard time, helping you with insomnia, headache and melancholy. You’ll need it for a new beginning… with a strait back, facing your future.


  • Thyme (thymus serpyllum) is for those who keep their words inside and suffer from not releasing them. Unspoken words, tears, feelings can be very unhealthy…stay in your head and pollute your thoughts, decisions, life. Thyme is not only analgesic and antispasmodic, it will also relieve mental blocks, will give you courage and most of all, will help you voice out what needs to be told.


Here is a blend that should cover all your psychological, back pain related needs, for a local massage, several times a day for several weeks as a deep treatment.


If possible, choose an arnica or hypericum perforatum infused base oil. Jasmin copy

In 20 ml of base oil, add:

2 drops of rose EO

3 drops of jasmine EO

2 drops of vetiver EO (for physical and emotional exhaustion)

14 drops of thyme EO

Keep it in a closed vial, in a dark place.


This blend is no Tiger balm, which is a symptomatic response to back pain. However, you may use both, the psychological blend in the morning, Tiger balm at night.