After a nice workout, you think that nothing replaces new fluids, especially water, enough complex carbohydrates and protein, and adequate sleep for proper recovery.

What about aromatherapy?

Indeed, if your workout has been a little more intensive or if you are in the middle of a competition, here are some tools to hasten your recovery.


Classic recovery toolsrecupérer

  • First, do not stay still after a hard workout: walk to increase blood circulation to the muscles so the fibers have the necessary nutriments available for recovery. Bicycling, swimming, yoga work well too …your choice.
  • Second, the proper drinks and foods.

You might already know that exercise breaks down muscle.

So to rebuild the tissue you need proteins to provide the necessary amino acids.

Most of my clients working with weights love Whey powders, but you can find some blends that capitalize on different rates of synthesis with different proteins, thus prolonging the benefit.

You might discover that rice protein is as effective as whey protein in building lean muscle and strength.

Some products also supply important minerals such as magnesium, some antioxidants, g-glutamine and a nice B complex.

Just as a reminder, magnesium is essential for muscle health and easily depleted.

A good magnesium supply (400 mg/day) will not only directly affect your strength and athletic performance but also improve your metabolism.

Antioxidants reduce muscle damage and inflammation caused by running so it hastens muscle recovery. You find them in green tea, vegetable and fruit juices (homemade) and especially in Tahitian noni juice.

L-glutamine is an abundant amino-acid that is crucial for the growth of muscle, so if you want to help increase your muscle mass and increase you post exercise muscle repair, take it as a supplement.

B complex vitamins provide energy and reduce fatigue but since these vitamins are water soluble, they are easily eliminated. So it is better to take them as a supplement as well.


Aromatherapy recovery tools



To sustain energy and recovery you have to help the kidneys do their job.

Why? Simply because the less uric acid in you muscles, the less muscle pain, the quicker the recovery.

So a good massage is always welcome.massage


Here is a nice detoxifying blend for an after workout:

In 20 ml of arnica infused base oil, add

  • 3 drops Nardostachys jatamansi essential oils (spikenard is a good phlebotonic and cardiac soother)
  • 3 drops Vetivera zizanoides essential oil (vetiver stimulates blood circulation and vascular system)
  • 4 drops Artemisia dracunculus essential oil(tarragon is a neuromuscular antispasmodic)
  • 10 drops lavendula angustifolia essential oil (lavender is a well known soothing oil)


If you have lots of pain, you can alternate with this blend:

In 20 ml of arnica infused base oil, addmenthe

  • 5 drops Mentha piperita essential oil (peppermint is analgesic and anti-inflammatory)
  • 10 drops Gaultheria fragrantissima essential oil (wintergreen is antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory)
  • 5 drops Anthémis nobilis essential oil (roman chamomile is analgesic and anti-inflammatory)

If you can, start with a sauna or a steam bath, massage your sore muscles, wrap yourself in a warm towel and let the oils infuse your body.

You can oil yourself before your workout if you wish; anything is worth trying when it can make you more performing.

So, go for it and experiment the power of nature when it boosts your own power!


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