When you get pregnant for the first time it makes you realize how powerful nature is, how much our bodies knows it all, how much our internal auto-pilot is strong, up to giving birth.

And, for many of us, this is also the discovery of our vulnerable we are facing the huge medical machinery that enters in motion around each future mom.interdictions

This is when we here and read tons of shoulds and shouldn’ts, musts and mustn’ts…all created for the best of the majority of women going through pregnancy and birth, as a guide for success, but mainly, to make the medical intervention easier.

What about what your body knows and the others don’t?

When you work with pregnant ladies, you realize that generalities do not apply to all. And this is the case when your baby decides to sit in your womb instead of presenting its head first.


Breech birth is not an emergency

I was lucky enough to have my kids in two different places in California where the mother’s auto-pilot system was considered the most important before any excessive medical intervention, and when my son was discovered breeched, nobody told me about C-section.

I am glad that almost twenty years ago I already had the choice.

Today, I know even better why a C-section should remain an emergency procedure and be only left as a choice when a natural option exists.


C-section bith if for emergencies

Cesarean birth let lots of traces, on the mother and the baby. This is a fact I understood early, as I was taking care of mothers, before, during and after their deliveries. Because there is an « after » cesarean birth that goes further that taking care of internal and external scars. It should remain an emergency procedure.

However, breech position, even if this is not the most common of all, is not an emergency situation.

Today, I discovered that I share my point of view with the Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada which gives new guidelines in order to make sure cesarean birth is not The automatic procedure in case of breech birth.


C-section is not safer than natural breech birth

Indeed, today we know that it is perfectly safe to give birth naturally when your baby presents its buttocks first instead of its head!

The wish of the SOGC is that women have the choice. For them, every women should benefit or the presence of a neonatal specialist able to assist a breech birth.


Choices of birth.breech

Wouldn’t you like to have the choice? Do you have to choose an unneeded heavy surgical procedure that will scar and pollute your body and rob your baby from your own the vaginal flora? This flora is your gift to its immunity along with your breast milk. Nothing can replace it.

Since 2000, C-sections have been imposed in case of breech births, as a security measure.


When my last ultra sound revealed that my son was breeched, we started a series of tests in order to check the compatibility of my on pelvis size with my son’s position. My obstetrician knew how to assist the birth of a breeched baby. But still, we decided to try a version, and it worked. When my son finally decided to turn upside down, he also decided to get out…and was born a few hours later.

Yes, some babies need a little more negotiating than others…

I was lucky.

It was before less and less medical schools choose not to teach vaginal breech birth anymore.


Not more complications with natural breech birthssiège

Still, studies show that natural breech births do not lead to more complications than C-sections!

Too many women today do not even know a natural breech birth is possible! As long as they are lucky enough to have access to a properly trained staff.

It is true that for most hospitals the easiest way is to choose surgery instead of having the entire surgical team waiting next to the birth room, in case they are needed!

Still, natural birth is a right, a priority, simply because our body is made for it, (it knows what it is doing from fertilization to labor), and it remains the safest way to give birth.

Remember that pregnancy is not a disease. Birthing is not a medical procedure.

Each and every woman benefits from the inner strength and capacity to give birth vaginally.

A C-section involves a deep cut into the abdomen and uterus of the mother. These cuts are not only a risk of hemorrhage and infections, but of many other complications later, avoidable if you make any other choice. Let these risks belong to the emergencies.

You have the choice, so talk about it.

Let the women you love know about their choices, share this post.

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