By: Chloe Ellert 

Here is a massively important subject that is incredibly unknown to most girls (age is not important here): at the age of 24, I have found it to be crucial for all women to have a handle on this intimate part of their life… in fact I would go as far as to say it is amongst their responsibilities as women to know! This is THE most important thing to know if you want to escape from the usual intimate issues a women will encounter in their lives, from puberty to menopause. 

This is a problem my mother encounters everyday with her clients, who are for the most part more mature women, but that still experience the same problems that women my age do. Period. All of them. And all of them need to reeducate their life style, clean their body, change their eating habits: this over the course of several months (I can see your worried faces already… there’s no need). This is why she had to write “Your Anti-Candida Aromatic Program”. I took one of my mother’s French articles: translated and adapted its content to your needs.

So, let’s see get into this, shall we?

1. You are a carrier to 70 billion bacteria

At this moment, everywhere, on you, in you, around you, billions of bacteria are running all over you and are multiplying constantly: About 70 billion to be precise.

That’s roughly 5 pounds of bacteria… a mix of good and bad.

5 pounds: this is often what is evacuated when someone starts a detox. Billions of unwanted bacteria, heavy little load indeed…

In this pile, there are good bacteria, whose job is to keep the bad ones in check (to schematize). They are part of your immunity. They are on the skin, in the mouth, the vagina and most importantly, in the intestines. When we talk about flora, it’s these little critters that we’re referring to.

Among the bad bacteria, there is also our old friend, candida albicans: a yeast that is normal to find in our bacterial flora.

To recap: this yeast, or fungus if you prefer, normally lives in our intestines, and eats what we eat.

As long as our gut flora is strong, as our immunity holds up and as what it is fed is barely enough to keep it alive, it shrinks. This is the good kind of starvation.

2. The key is immunity

I’m not going explain everything again on, “where does our immunity come from?” and “what keeps it up?” but basically, some of our immunity is innate, inherited, and the other is acquired, therefore, manufactured and maintained by our quality of life and thoughts.

I think it is useless to remind you that with regards to immunity we are not equal (which explains why some people are always sick and not others).

On the other hand, we are on a standard with regard to the food industry’s impact and hand in our nutritional habits as well as the medico-pharmaceutical industry’s influence over the toxic products that are made easy for us to swallow on behalf of our health.

This did not exist 60 years ago… none of this was comparable, whether in terms of food, cleanliness of food, vaccination, use of antibiotics, level of stress, environmental pollution, water quality and the use of pharmaceuticals, the list of which continues to expand.

I’m especially emphasizing this because its one of my more asked questions on a regular basis: how do you explain that my grandparents did not have all these chronic problems? They ate everything they wanted without being sick etc..

But they did not have the same products. At the time an orange was enough to give vitamin C for the day. Today, it takes 20! This is why we go for the 1g vitamin C capsule of… its easier than eating 20 of anything.

Once again, yes, well over 60 years ago, nothing was comparable to what it is today. The 20th century created a new industry, which had to create new consumers relationships, preferably customers for life.

My generation was used as guinea pigs during the generalization of antibiotics, vaccines and other new industrial products…

3. If you do not understand this, you will fall victim to the scam that allows you become a “statistic”

How do you build customers for life? By manufacturing needs for life: This is the principle that the pharmaceutical industry has understood.

When the pharmaceutical industry manufactures drugs, they must ensure of providing a minimum of benefits in terms of symptom relief, but without going so far as curing (by, can they?).

We know that we will benefit from a certain number of positive effects (in the case of anti-depressants, 70% of positive effects are placebos), but in order to sustain those “benefits” we are forced to keep taking these drugs. However, if we stop taking the drug, we start to feel poorly, at least in the beginning. The body is programmed to rid itself of all the junk the product in question left behind.

Again, taking the drug does not cure.

Taking drugs supports the growth of yeast that has an incredibly fast growth rate with these same toxins that weaken the immune system: this is responsible of creating a vicious cycle of widespread weakness in the body.

That’s right: Candidiasis is a perfect illustration of this scam orchestrated by the pharmaceutical industry, to make people believe (blinded by their confidence doctors) that they are treated: this while maintaining a permanent fragility, a form of toxicity, a fertile ground for the uncontrollable growth of candida in chronic candidiasis. Producing chronic diseases will guarantee a long-term clientele.

4. We don’t “catch” candida… we have it, period.

People write to me saying that they have caught candida on the toilet!

Let’s get a few things straight: we do not catch candida! We all already have it living in our gut! What will be noticed in the form of various symptoms comes from the behavior of this candida. It can become fierce!

When everything is laid out to make it happy, candida can transform, mutate and become destructive. What we catch is not candida: what we catch the results of the yeast mutation, a fungus that can double in size in less than an hour. It can multiply in every corner of the body, including eyes, brains, liver, lungs, kidneys and heart. Just as it is deceptive to live in a sterile environment, it is misleading to consider eliminating the presence of candida albicans from our gut. The goal is not to eliminate it: it’s to outsmart it. Because, lets be honest, there’s no other choice.

The symptoms that indicate to your doctor that you have a fungal infection are just the tip of the iceberg. As a solution they will give you a prescription to eliminate your symptoms… sadly, this won’t concern the root of these symptoms, because candida loves nothing more than a dose of antibiotics.

I think this is one of the most frustrating aspects about candida is chronic candidiasis: nothing is more hopeless than the ignorance (unashamedly) of classical doctors on the subject. They have absolutely no idea what it is, nor the impact it has on the issue you came to ask them about.

This ignorance will cost you years of unnecessary treatment; additional toxicity and worsening of your problems, not to mention the physical and emotional suffering that will accompany them.

This is why it’s important for you to know what’s happening to you and how you can act on it.

5. Take drugs or monitoring your candida? In both cases, it’s a lifelong commitment.

It’s important for you to understand what happens as soon as the candida begins to mutate: a reaction that damages everything in its path by releasing toxic waste, and mycotoxins. These mycotoxins create holes in very thin tissues such as the intestinal wall.

If you’ve heard of leaky gut… then you know what I’m talking about.

Candida produces 79 different toxins during its life cycle.

So depending on this life cycle various toxins are produced and cause different symptoms.

This is also why during my anti-candida program you experience completely different symptoms at different times; at different stages of the program… it all depends on the rate at which the yeast cells die.

If you have the misfortune of in addition suffering of heavy metal poisoning, you must wait until these metals leave your tissues before you are able to eliminate the fungus! You end up eliminating both heavy metals and your candidiasis, which can be very difficult for your emunctory organs.

6. Only “living products” have beneficial properties

Unless you use live products such as essential oils, products that yeast cannot mutate… you are in a bad position to starve and reduce the colonies of candida and relieve your detox symptoms.

If you have the absence of mind of feeding your fungus before having weakened it enough, before having set up your flora and your immunity: your candidiasis will once again thrive and grown within one hour, and all your hard work will go down the toilet!

Understand that your current environment is an ideal breading ground for candida albicans, and only by boycotting its resources, and knowing how to maintain control, will you be able to cohabitate with this little critter… because let’s face it, we’re stuck with it.

No solution is definitive. It’s the education of a lifetime. The important thing is to understand what to prevent, fight, and with the right tools.

7. To recap:

 Candida breeds with: drugs, alcohol, sugar

Everything that can weaken your immune system will make it stronger: stress, fatigue, gluten, casein, industrial diet, antibiotics, and negative emotions.

The solution: Learn how to eat the “anti-candida” way; learn how to treat the “anti-candida” way.

Don’t rely on a miracle product to commit to for life… Just change your lifestyle.

Everything you learn to overcome chronic candidiasis will be used to treat any chronic diseases that may occur because of the invasion of your candida.

So, just give yourself the means to no longer be the victim.

8. By having the power to master candida you also have the power to no longer get sick.

You do not need anything else to take care of yourself. No doctor can know better than you as to what will heal you.

Keep this in mind because too many of my readers have a hard time understanding that they know, that they can, and that no one is better qualified than them to help them.

What about you? Do you think you are concerned by the over growth of candida? Tell me all about it in the comments.