There is a question that I’m more and more often asked by my readers: what do you think of this miracle pill, or this other one, to fight candidosis or any fungal infections?

Over the years I did accumulate a decent experience on the subject of candidosis and if I receive today so many testimonials of readers getting good results out of my anti-fungal program, it is certainly thanks to a little detail: I have a holistic approach of candidosis. Indeed, I’m not offering a magic pill that would eliminate the overgrowth of a fungus, I teach a “way of life”’s reeducation so the fungus remains for ever under control.

It translates as : I do not give you a miracle pill that would for ever treat your chronic UTI because that doesn’t exist.

Instead I address the whole of your imbalances and toxicity which are at the root of the interconnected symptoms (physical and emotional) that make you miserable. Among them : your UTI.

Of course not everyone is not ready to change their way of life so they stop being miserable. Most of us have been conditioned to believe in the miracle pill and to think in terms of symptom elimination, not in term of root cause eradication, the later asking for much more efforts and consideration, of course. Who wants to identify what the body is trying to say? Who wants to do the effort of changing a few things in their lives?

I’d like, once and for all, clarify the general misconception born out of big pharma’s manipulation and explain why things should be very clear regarding the validity of a holistic approach compared to a symptomatic one.

Integration of multiple complementing regulating approaches VS the fight over a single symptom.

First, lets make it clear: up to now, anti-candida treatments consist in giving anti-fungal drugs and eventually a restricting list of forbidden foods.

Doctors continue to consider an external fungal manifestation as non related to an internal cause. But I’m sorry to say that you’ll have a vaginal infection or athlete’s foot as long as you do not treat your internal candidosis and so whatever the amount of anti-fungal drugs you take.
It is the same with you depression, anxiety, Adhd, autism, arthritis, IBS, asthma, weight issues, eczema, psoriasis or any other chronic disease.

The worse is when all the traditional treatments do not work and that of course the conclusion become evident: all you issues are only in your head. Since no blood work shows anything wrong, there is nothing to worry about, right?

This is where so many people continue taking drugs that give them the illusion that they can control their symptoms but are doomed to take them all their life…still with their doubts and questions about their condition. Why them?

Women are the most concerned because they are the first victims of candidosis. Their feminine state is the main trigger to a candida over growth thanks to their hormonal variations and emotional vulnerability. Both of them trigger a drop in immunity which is an open door to candida overgrowth and inflammation.
But it is not enough: contraceptive pill and pregnancy add even more triggers to the list.
This is why today, most suffering women will hear something like: “this is nothing madam, simply take some pills for your nerves, it will go away”. We all heard that eventually, from a man’s mouth of course.

Men are less likely to become a candidosis victim, but still suffer from it without knowing it. He won’t try to understand. He needs immediate results. He has no time to find any root cause and time consuming therapy. So he’ll chose the pill..and will develop a disease, a real one, with a nice name, and a drug list to go with it.

Candidosis is a product of today’s progress. Our efficient life, our new “art de vivre”, industrialization, food and drug industry.

Have you ever wonder what pushes a yeast, a normal host of our gut, to start overdevelop, intoxicate our tissues, damages the lining of our intestines, feed our inflammation and a large number of incurable syndromes and diseases?

Simply a large amount of toxicity.

Yes, our environmental toxicity, what we are living in, what we do not even notice, product of all what has been created to make our life easier and more comfortable. I’m talking about the air we breath, our water full of drug residues, our dangerously nutritionally poor food, drugs  full of heavy metal and toxins, and on top of it, our daily stress.

Is there a way to escape from it?

Yes…if we go live deep in the Tibetan mountains…in a monastery cut from modern civilization.
If you develop a candidosis over there, they’ll offer you a pill or two that could cure it..but at least, you’ll have less chances of relapse!

If your life is a non stop struggle, your nights shorter and shorter, if you eat in restaurants most of the time, if you love to party, drink and enjoy sweet foods, if you don’t really pay attention to your usual aches and simply rely on drugs to fight them, then, welcome to the club!

Chances are you live with a beautiful chronic candidosis and another pill for you would simply give you a temporary illusion of well being.

Yes, temporary…because nothing replaces the effort of changing what is wrong and acting consciously to help your body repair everyday. A pill won’t do that. Period.

Your body will remind it to you at each relapse, until you decide to change. But the more you wait, the most complicated, the more to rebalance.

Trust me, submitting to a life change is at the end way less painful than feeling crippled with aches and emotional pain.

So, if someone asks me : what do you think of this pill X that everyone talks about?, I simply say “show me a pill that sends you in a Tibetan monastery away from everything and I’ll tell you yes, that may help you”.

In the meantime, the royal road to a candidosis free life, free of the chronic diseases that will touch more than 50% of the populations in industrialized countries, is simply the fight against toxicity. And that, it is something that has to be done everyday.