indexDid you know that the long orange root that we almost all have in our refrigerators, the one that we grate, purée, put in our soups, baby foods and juices only arrived on our tables after the first steam machine, after 1830?


Before that, carrot was a generic term for any root…my grand mother used to make a difference between the orange and red carrots (carrots and beetroots).

It is the same family as fennel, parsley and celery, these big plants that grow by themselves in the fields and create an umbrella with their flowers. The umbelliferous.

It took years to skilled gardeners to achieve the orange carrot we know today…
According to the specialist Bernard Bertrand, they finally got the nicely shaped root in 1830 only.

What do we have to know about carrots?index

They are rich in betacarotene (provitamin A). An ounce of carrot give us more than half our daily need of this vitamin.
It contains about 7mg of vitamin C per 3 ounces.
It contains also all B vitamins (except the B12) and a large number of minerals, including calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron.

This is one of the reasons why I suggest to replace milk with carrot juice as a very bio-available calcium source.


Do the carrot experiment

  • One fresh carrot juice a day
  • a few drops of carrot essential oil in your moisturizing routine


A wonderful regenerative face oil:images

  • In 25 ml of macadamia oil, add
    5 drops of carrot seed EO (daucus carota)
    2 drops of rose otto EO (rosa damascena)
    5 drops patchouli EO (pogostemon cablin)
    10 drops geranium EO (pellargonium gravelolens)

    Keep this mix in a glass jar, away from light and heat, and use it to moisturize and nourish your face twice a day.


Why carrot essential oil?images

Because, in one drop, you get much much more than what you get in a slice of carrot cake…

Carrot seeds essential oil (daucus carota): The oil you need every day

This essential oil does it all!

balances the Thyroid gland
grounding ( helps in case of over work)
lactation: helps to produce more milk
skin infections : eczema, boils, ulcers
blood pressure : balances hyper and hypo tension
blood issues : detoxifies, stimulates circulation, thins blood
liver and kidneys: in case of high cholesterol, hepatitis, cirrhosis.

Carrot EO stimulates liver, pancreas and kidney regeneration

On the energetic level, carrot EO helps to

better speak in public,

helps to act,

helps to overcome the pain of separation,

gives a feeling of stability, security and protection

Builds more self confidence

Helps to let go


To resume, this is the oil we all need to better cope with stress and toxicity.

So, continue eating and drinking your carrots, but give it even more power with a few drops of its essential oil.