Why a natural protocol for candidosis when tons of antifungal drugs exist and are prescribed everyday?

Simply because ironically the overgrowth of candida albicans is not only a product of poor nutrition and stress, it is also stimulated by the repetitive use of antibiotics.

However, the only medical response to Candidosis remains to be antifungal drug associated with antibiotics, which is not only toxic to the liver, but also induces a significant yeast overgrowth relapse.

Other factors also stimulate a candida overgrowth in the GI tract:

  • corticoid drugs,
  • oral contraception,
  • anti-acids,
  • lack of hydrochloric acid in the stomach
  • and sugar.

Being a woman could be listed among the ideal candida overgrowth factors: because of ideal temperature and moisture level in vagina, frequent hormonal variations (often leading to a drop in immunity) and pregnancy.

This is why vaginal thrush is such a common infection to women, but not only. The list seems to be endless: chronic diarrhea, constipation, irregular periods, painful periods, fatigue, headaches, acne, depression, anxiety, nervousness, unexplained weight gain, colitis, gastritis, gingivitis, urinary tract infections, skin rash etc.…

Of course, if everyone had the reflex to link these symptoms together, it would be easier to cure! But unfortunately this is not the case. Additionally, toxins released by the fungus increase inflammation and challenge the immunity, which makes candida overgrowth even easier.


A very tenacious mushroom

We know 9 Candida species, among them six are implicated in human pathology.

Candida albicans is a saprophyte yeast of the mucosa.

It has the specificity to go from yeast state to the mold state and vice versa.

It is its way of escaping any defense mechanism linked to cellular immunity.

The mold form is the pathogenic parasite able to induce various symptoms.

Between its different forms, the mushroom gets modified according to any un- welcoming new environment.

We know 79 chemical substances secreted by the various candida species: In front of so many transformations and secretions, our immune system gets confused and manufactures an important but vain amount of anti-bodies. However, this amount of antibodies is at the origin of a great deal of possible allergic reactions.


Antifungal treatments: not enough?


We could think that an antifungal treatment would be enough to quickly get rid of this unwanted yeast population, unfortunately, this fungus is a very tenacious mushroom.

Of course, an antifungal treatment will quickly eliminate the symptoms. But most of the time the infection comes back shortly following the treatment.

If we continue treating it with antibiotics, the infections will become chronic, responding less and less to treatment.

We know what are the main Candida overgrowth triggers:

  • Pregnancy
  • Contraceptive pill
  • Corticoids treatments
  • Antibiotics treatments (tetracyclin and penicillin)
  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiotherapy
  • Chronic illnesses,
  • Chronic lack of nutriments,
  • Over feeding, sweet diet, too much citric fruits and sodas.


Integration for success

I discovered that to obtain a positive outcome, we need to act in an integrative way, with the association of various natural measures aiming at bringing back to normal the level of candida in our system.

Diet and natural therapies are indispensable to obtain durable results.

This is the reason I put together a whole integrative program where nutrition and aromatherapy work together to fight chronic Candidosis and rebuild your balance. It gives you local as well as deep antifungal treatments, natural alternative to classic antifungal drugs and antibiotics.


What should an anti-candida treatment look like?

Besides the local approach to the external manifestations, even if it is important to address any local symptoms, none of them will disappear without an internal cleaning I call: general treatment.


  • The general treatment

It aims to reduce what fuels Candidosis and automatically reduces the fungus’s growth. Four points are very important to do so :

Following a strict diet for the entire time of the treatment (sometimes even longer)

Following a therapeutic anti-fungal approach

Treating the ground (terrain), which means, boosting the immunity and balancing its weaknesses

Repairing your intestinal and digestive integrity


Any chronic Candidosis needs to be treated several months to obtain durable results.

Once corrected, the diet must remain as much as possible sugar and processed food free.

Additionally, any inflammatory origin in the body must be identified, which includes food allergies and sensitivities. Inflammation triggers must be avoided and if possible cured.


  • The diet

Sugar: It has to be sugar free, so it includes any visible and non-visible sugars. Even fruits are to be avoided for a while.

Certain carbohydrates vegetables must be limited, such as potatoes, parsnip, sweet potato, peas and corn.


Alcohol: any alcohol and soda are forbidden.

Yeasts: any foods containing yeasts or molds such as bread, cheese, raw mushrooms, vinegar, beer, soy sauce, tamari, miso, kimchi, peanuts.



Wheat, rye, oat, barley, spelt contain gluten at various levels.


Avoid any fruits


Cheese: any dairy, except yogurts. Casein being an issue, after a while, raw milk pressed cheeses such as raw cheddar may be added (when symptoms disappear).

Antibiotics and hormones: antibiotics and hormones are frequently added to cows and chickens’ diet. You have to avoid this source of toxicity, especially during a candida diet. So you need to choose your eggs “free range” or “organic” and vegetarian fed.

For the meat, this is the same thing: organic chickens, organic and pasture beef.

For the fish, stay away from farmed fishes, who are administered tons of antibiotics.


  • Replacing anti-fungal drugs

Many foods are also antifungal. And if you can use antifungal ingredients such as garlic and coconut in most of your dishes, you’ll win quicker over the mold.

However, it is important to replace the anti-fungal drugs you do not want in your system.

For that, eating anti-fungal is one thing, but taking antifungal immunity boosting supplements is also mandatory.


Pau d’arco

Baking soda

Caprylic acid

And many essential oils to apply locally and in whole body massages :


Spike lavender

Blue chamomile

Tea tree

Palmarosa etc….


  • Restoring intestinal balance

Lacto-bacteria: L-acidophilus is the type of bacteria found in yogurt. Some are completely allergic to dairy and cannot have yogurt. In this case, they have to take lactobacillus and lactobifidus bacteria via probiotics in caps.


  • Colon hydrotherapy

Any type of water base internal cleaning will speed up recovery and healing. If a simple enema is already efficient, a colonic is even better. In 45 mn, about 100 liters of water enter your colon and free yourself from several pounds of dried fecal matter glued to you colon mucosa and hosting various families of unwanted yeasts and other parasites. You don’t need it in your gut. It is part of the cleaning process and part of your immunity boost to be cleaner.

This is the best way to get rid of many pains (back and joint pain), and help other organs to better work (bladder, uterus, ovaries, kidneys).

But most of all, it helps you rid your colon of unwanted dead matter that keeps poisonous toxins in your system and maintain your physical and emotional toxicity level.

Less toxins mean less physical symptoms (pains, bloating), a better level of food absorption, a better nutrition, and most of all, cleaner thoughts, cleaner emotions, leading to better choices and a better life.


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What about you? Is your body toxic? Is your life toxic? Are you ready for change?