Those who, like me, have lived in Asia, probably have fond memories of Thai salads such as mango salad and green papaya salad …


Well, these ways of consuming mango and papaya are the best, to taste and for your belly;

I give you the recipe a little further, but let’s start by explaining why it is so good for you (because I see a question mark rising above your head …)

Indeed, fibers are classified into soluble fibers, or insoluble fibers. Here, we have another type of fibers : resistant starches.

You might already know that healthy eating is not limited to low sugar, good fats and low gluten…you want fibers, and especially fibers that will support a good internal bacterial activity. You want fermentation.

Resistant starches such as what we have with green papaya are low viscosity fibers that resist digestion in the small intestine. This is how these starches act as pre-biotics, ie they feed the bacteria you need to maintain a good intestinal flora.

Because they ferment very slowly, they will not cause gas and will add mass to your stool, which promotes good regularity (if that was your problem).

But most importantly, these starches do not cause blood sugar spikes and most importantly, act as insulin regulators, which reduces the risk of insulin resistance.

Not very ripe bananas are included and green mangoes, as well as seeds and rice flour (which I make you use and abuse in my anti-candida program).


 About Green papaya


Unlike banana, green papaya is very rich in anti-oxidants, fiber and papain, the enzyme that helps in the digestion of proteins and refreshes the inflamed areas. It is also a good source of potassium.

Important : this salad is not for you if you are pregnant because it can cause contractions …

On the other hand, if you have irregular periods, the green papaya will help you to trigger them.


Green papaya salad

Thai people use a special tool to detail sorts of ribbons of papaya … it looks a bit like a vegetable peeler. If you have an Asian store near you, go and see if they sell, it changes everything for the presentation and the taste of the salad.

Those who follow the anti-candida diet have their own recipe in the book … but this very authentic recipe will suite the program as well, provided to eliminate the sugar (replace it with xylitol) and to limit the chilis to the maximum.

My advice, find a reliable Asian grocery store. This is where you’ll find most of these ingredients.


Dressing :

1 beautiful clove of garlic

A beautiful pinch of salt,

A teaspoon of palm sugar, coconut sugar or xylitol

1 tablespoon natural peanut butter

2 small red chili peppers

2 tbs dried shrimps

6 tbsp lime juice (or more …)

2 tablespoons of Nuoc mam (fish sauce)


Salad :

A handful of coarsely chopped cherry tomatoes

1 medium green papaya, peeled and shredded

1 large cucumber, peeled and shredded

Lettuce and coriander leaves for presentation


In a small mixer, add peanut butter, garlic, salt, sugar, chillies (without seeds) and shrimp. Add lime juice and fish sauce.

In a salad bowl, arrange lettuce leaves

Roughly crush the bean pieces and tomatoes and pour over the lettuce.

Peel and roughly grate the papaya. Discard the seeds and inner membrane.

Mix the papaya and the rest of the ingredients. Add the sauce, garnish with coriander leaves. Serve immediately.


Coconut and mango sago soup

This dessert is served cold. It is very easy to digest, gluten free, dairy free, and you may perfectly replace the palm sugar with xylitol (to protect your belly and your teeth).

It can be prepared in advance and served with other exotic fruits such as star fruit or pomelo.

Here is how I make it :

3 cups of water
a pinch of salt
4 tbs small tapioca pearls
2 cups coconut milk
palm sugar to taste
mango cubes or mango purée, or pomelo segments cut in small pieces
Optional : one pandanus leaf

Bring the water, salt and tapioca to boil in a saucepan, then add the leaf, reduce the heat and let simmer, frequently stirring , until the pearls are translucent.
Add the coconut milk and sugar. Let cool down and serve with the fruits of your choice;