Medicine is offering miraculous solutions for extreme, life threatening imbalances…but so many non dangerous (and more and more common) diseases remain a mystery for scientists. One of them is eczema.gratte

It is not a scary situation: you simply wake up with an itchy spot somewhere, red little spots on the face, inside your arms, between your fingers…it looks so armless…but there is the itch.

If you start scratching, you get stuck in a huge vicious circle of divine pain…

You need to scratch, it is so pleasurable you need to scratch even more, and more…the red pimples break up and release a transparent liquid. Your skin gets inflamed, red and suddenly the divine pain becomes a burn.

Now your skin is a mess: red and puffy. Soon it will dry and crack. You’ll try to moisten it with a cream or oils. But this is too late: you now have eczema…and your doctor cannot tell you why.

It may come and go, or it may spread all over your body. I’ve seen it on an elderly Chinese man and on a two years old little girl…Both of them would scratch their skin all night and wake up covered in blood. It may disappear as quick as it appeared, or not.

What you have to remember is not to scratch, at any cost, and what you have to understand is that it is not a topical skin issue: it comes from your gut.


We all have inflammatory substances in our gut able to fuel some eczema.gut

Most of the time, this inflammation starts with food sensitivities (which are not food allergies or intolerances). Food sensitivities are delayed reaction to some foods that trigger a release of Immunoglobulin G in your body.

This is why, in case of eczema, it is often advised to name these foods (with a blood test) or at least, to avoid some classic inflammation triggers such as gluten and dairy products, chocolate, strawberries, eggs or nuts.

But that won’t be enough, because most of the time, it is important to fight any internal inflammation. 

To do so, you need to

  • Identify your food sensitivities
  • repair the digestive system (especially a leaky gut)th
  • balance the immunity
  • clean up the gut

and finally, you’ll see your skin healing by itself!

You have to understand a very important fact: If gut balance is ignored, eczema will come back.

Your job is not to find the external cure to your eczema: your job is to fight internal inflammation.

Eat naturally anti-inflammatory foods: oily fishes, omega-3 eggs, raw milk, grass fed meats, free range poultry, flax seed oil, extra virgin coconut oil.

Stick to an anti-inflammatory diet such as the anti-candida program, which avoids most of the grains and all sugar, all linked to insulin production and inflammation

Get some Betain HCL to increase your stomach juices level (a low HCL level is often a trigger)

Increase your vitamin A intake: all orange fruits and veggies such as carrot, squash, sweet potatoes. No oranges (too acidic) but go for high in vitamin C lemon juice.

Enjoy the power of the anti-fungal aromatic blend I offer you in the anti-candida program: it balances your energy and emotions while helping you go through the detox processpaperbackstack_550x498

Practice regular colonics or at home colon cleanses

Breath and walk everyday 20 minutes, express your gratitude 3 mn first thing in the morning, and visualize yourself free of eczema. Feel the relief!


Meanwhile, here are some ways of helping your skin and stop the itch:

  • Rinse your skin with salted water
  • Cover the inflamed areas with this powerful blend (this is for adult. For a child, change the concentration):

    In 50 ml of aloe vera gel, add:
    10 drops cedrus atlantica EO
    20 drops cymbopogon martini EO
    10 drops thymus serpylum EOmenthe poivrée
    5 drops mentha piperita EO
    5 drops matricaria chamomila EO

    Stir well and apply lightly on the inflamed areas, as much as needed to calm the itch.
    When your skin is doing better, you may cut 50% of the gel and replace it with the very healing Tamanu oil.

Essential oils have the extra power to work on your emotions…and when eczema is concern, emotions are often the key. So, do not take the oils lightly: use them!