How do you explain that some people seem to never get sick while others catch every virus around during each epidemic?


Simply because we are not equal facing our environment and its load of toxic substances.

We do not enjoy the same internal protection from the billions of bacteria we host, on and inside our body.

This protection that gives us our ability to fight back when attacked by pathogenic invaders, is called the Terrain, or ground in English. From this terrain, stems the quality of our immune system, our body’s response to injuries, diseases and stress.


We inherit this health capital from our parents. But since growing up, lots of factors will protect or damage it.

If this terrain is healthy and well preserved, our immunity will perform well and protect us. Yes, our body can do it…if we help it.

Our body as I said earlier is outnumbered with various microbes, which we call our microbiome.

If our body were not able to manage them, we would be sick permanently, we wouldn’t heal, and probably die pretty quickly.



What happens when we are sick?nez qui coule

Our nose is runny, we have fever, we have diarrhea, we cough…to expel toxins.

This is to explain a very important notion: we get sick when we are over loaded with toxins that our body needs to get rid of.

We could compare our body to a swamp: stagnant water, plenty of bacterial activity in it, the perfect spot for microbes to strive, the same way mosquitos love stagnant water to nest and reproduce.

Yes…mosquitos and microbes are the same: they feed from our toxins, they love dirty spots.

Our body produces mucus when it needs to clean itself from toxins and waste. Mucus will carry this waste through the nose, the throat, the intestines, especially when they are not properly working.

Germs love waste materials…they eat it once we manufacture it and disappear when the cleaning is over. No waste, no cleaning. No cleaning, no sickness.


This is not the germ that make you sick: this is your internal dirt that attracts the germ. A weak, dirty spot in your body looks so inviting to a germ…

So, if your terrain gives you proper dispositions to stay clean, you won’t need as much cleaning as the others.



Staying cleen from the insidecolon

However, in our industrial world, it becomes more and more complicated to stay away from internal dirt.

Here are a few basics, easy to implement in your daily life, to protect your terrain and improve your immunity:


A living (raw) and clean diet able to sustain our cellular activity: wholesome, organic, sprouted, 80% raw, sugar free foods.


Regular hydrotherapy to clean up your colon


A physical activity that makes us breathe and stimulate our blood and lymph proper circulation to carry nutriments and excrete waste


Moments of mindfulness to calm the brain activity and give room to creativity


The regular use of non-toxic, energy protecting and balancing tools such as nard

  • aromatherapy,
  • acupuncture,
  • hydrotherapy
  • and massage

to restore our mind, sustain our terrain and immunity.




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