Who doesn’t have memories of falling when riding a bike and painfully meeting the little rocks on the road?chute vélo

I do…and for a while, my knees were permanently decorated with various bandages, crusts, and strange colors…I also had beautiful infections under these mini injuries, because in my time, my parents were relying on sophisticated pharmaceutical products to clean up my wounds.

When my own kids started to follow my track, coming home with blood on hands and knees, I already knew much better ways to help them heal.

Why not choosing what is available in a pharmacy? produits

Simply because what you find on the shelves of most pharmacies in terms of sprays, disinfectants, antibiotic creams, antibacterial ointments and other far fetched products do not really help. They give you peace of mind…that is about it.

For the injured kid, it might simply make things worse.

The idea that alcohol is the proper answer is in itself a huge mistake: it dries skin, speed up blood coagulation and create a film under which germs may continue to live. All this pain for nothing.

Do not think that because a product has an impressive complicated name it should be more effective.

I won’t go over all the products you don’t need. I prefer telling you what is really efficient: salted water and soapy water. You simply need water.



So, here is the ideal procedure:bobos

  • Whether the wound bleeds or not, wash it under running water for about 60 seconds.

Wash your hands with a natural soap and use this foam to lightly wash the wound. Rinse under running water.

Let dry a few seconds or pat with a clean tissue.

  • If this is still bleeding, let a few drops of Immortelle Essential oil fall directly on the wound.

Let the bleeding stop and let dry, uncovered as much as possible.

Otherwise, use the kind of Bandaid that doesn’t stick to the wound.


Immortelle essential oil, or Helichrysum italicum, is a must when you have children (and when you don’t). This precious oil is anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, cicatrizing, and stops bleeding.

This is also very good against fear, anxiety and helps in case of emotional and physical choc. So you see,  it does much more than what a simple antiseptic would.


  • If little pebbles are stuck under the skin: let the knee or hand step in warm salted water for a good 15 mn. Then dry and cover it with a simple ointment such as baby cream (for butt irritation) in which you stir one or two drops of lavendula latifolia essential oil. Then, place a clean gauze on it and let the pebbles move out.


Lavandula latifolia, or lavender spike, is a pharmacy in itself.images-2 copy

If you have it with you all the time, you are protected against insect bites, cuts, bumps, burns, infections, headaches, you name it.

If you are away from any water source while your kid get hurt, let a few drops fall on the wound to calm the pain and disinfect it until you can properly clean and dress it.

  • In case of abrasion which causes a type of burn on the skin, the best remains to clean it with water and then apply aloe vera gel mixed with one or two drop of lavandula latifolia essential oil.

The gel cools of the burn and the oil relieves the pain while protecting the skin from any type of infection.

I will add that lavandula latifolia is not only analgesic and cicatrizing, it is also antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial (against staph infections) and anti-inflammatory.

I use it against any sign of infection, sore throat, cold, bronchitis and cough.

 If case of traveling, get ready for bigger issues, read this post on the three essential oils to carry with you.