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Despite my explanations and recommendations, you are still far too persuasive policy speech outline many to ask me the same questions as to whether we can use such and such essential oil on buy research paper a pregnant lady, a baby, diluted or not, by mouth, with a drug etc …

So once and for all, I will illuminate your lantern, put things flat. Everything you always wanted to know about the safe use of essential oils.

An essential oil is a bit of biology and chemistry … HE

An essential oil is a highly volatile substance extracted from abotanical source.

It is lighter than water,variously colored and soluble in oil.


lavandeWhen we speak of botanical source, it may be


How do we extract an essential oil of these botanical sources?

Simply by steam distillation or water (leaves, flowers, seeds),

cold pressing (peel),

in carbon dioxide

or with a solvent such as alcohol, ether or hexane


An essential oil is a hundred chemical components.

Therefore, a large chemical complexity will characterize the spectrum of action of each essential oil.

Today we select a dozen major components that distinguish each essential oil, giving it a chemical identity that is visible via a picture, the chromatography. It is what allows you to check the chemical quality of an essential oil, which will discribe its therapeutic qualities.

Indeed, numerous factors may influence the therapeutic qualities of an essential oil: the land of origin of its botanical source,  its extraction and its packaging.


From a local ground to another …

As well as the wine has its terroir, the essential oil has a chemotype.

This means that two identical plants can secrete different species depending on whether they have grown up in the sun, in a different soil composition, wild or cultivated.

To differentiate the essential oils of one same plant, each species are given a chemotype.

To show you what it is, lets take thyme as an example.

This plant will  give essential oils with therapeutic characteristics that vary greatly according to its chemotypes.

One will be used on sensitive skin, not the other…

One is a potent broad-spectrum antiviral while the other will be a great pain killer…

Many different Thymes are available.

Here are some :thymus vulgaris

This list could go on, but what we have here is enough to give you an illustration of how a different chemotype broadens the possiiblites to refine our therapeutic approach, to adapt the method of administration of treatment and achieve the expected results.


The administration of an essential oil

In one of my book, Aromatic beauty remedies, product_thumbnail.phpI expose various ways to apply therapeutic aromatic blends via beauty products, which is a very fun way of trying how aromatherapy works on many levels. So, this is an option you may consider to apply your treatments.

I will not mention the oral absorption, because it must be based on a prescription and controlled by an aromatherapist. The goal here is to empower you to be independent and to play down the use of an essential oil.

In addition, the same results can be obtained by dermal application. Here, we want a risk free essential oil use, no overdose or irritation. To do so,  follow these simple rules.

You will be able to enjoy the therapeutic properties of essential oil, or more, with various ways:


Very useful to disinfect a classroom during a flu epidemic , to deodorize the room of a cancer patient, to add positive energy in an office, a new home , to help a child with a cold to breathe, to facilitate sleep, to uplift your spirit…This is endless!


First run your bath, drop 5 or 6 drops of essential oil ( or a different source ) in a glass of milk , and throw everything into the water , stirring well just before you plunge .


A good complement : epsom saltsbain


It allows you to enjoy the properties of cold water on hemorrhoids for example.

In a medium sized bowl , add 5 drops of essential oil diluted in whole milk.


With 6 drops of essential oil in 1/2 liter of water, well shaken before use.

Use it every day as a mouthwash: mix cinnamon, peppermint and clove essential oils to a small water bottle! Gargling is also sovereign against sore throats , tonsillitis and other inflammations of the mouth.


There are no restrictions. In cases of cancer, simply massage where it is needed for pain and well being, lightly, and away from lymph nodes.

Whether performed by a pro or not, for therapeutic reasons or not, on a baby, a child, an adult, a pregnant woman, a sick person, an elderly, is the perfect time to enjoy essential oils.

This is powerful. Enjoy, whether you receive orgivethemassage.

It is not uncommon for a massage well done and well thought therapeutically to cause a small bout of fever or signs of detoxification (headache, fatigue …). So, plan a little recovery time after a full body massage.

I emphasize the word Local: to a limited area of the body, several times a day if you want, on a painful area, on a burn, on eczema, against arthritis against wrinkles, against cough, to clear the sinuses….


 Blending rulesmassage bébé

Local massage

4 drops of essential oil in 10 ml, 6 drops in 15ml, etc … which gives you the possibility to assemble a range of different essential oils and create a therapeutic synergy. Simply keep the ratio 2 drops per 5ml.


Full body massage

These dilutions allow you to massage the entire body.

There is no limit to the duration of the massage or the amount of oil used: which has not been used by the organization will be rejected by the excretory easily since they are natural products, living, not fouling.
There is no chemical medicines you fear the overdose and side effects. Enjoy.

For example: 1 drop of lavender essential oil, 1 drop of essential oil of thyme, 1 drop of essential oil of palmarosa in 15 ml of base, all kept in a 20 ml vial, used to give several massages whole body to a baby coughing at night for several days.

Important point: these rules of dilution should not stress you out.

One or two drops of essential oil more will not cause a disaster!

Consequences will always be fewer than giving an aspirin, laxatives or an analgesic codeine! So relax!

What you have to pay attention to is the choice of essential oil that you will apply. Some really need to be very diluted, others not at all because they do not irritate the skin at all.


The essential oils that are not required to be diluted before applying them on the skin are :

Lavender spike, true lavender, tea tree, sandalwood, geranium, manuka, kanuka.


Essential oils safety

An essential oil should be contained in a glass vial opaque , with a dropper , with a secure closure , protected from light, stored away from direct heat and sunlight .
The origin of the botanical source , the botanical name and possibly extraction and date of bottling method should figure on the bottle. For example : Lavender true origin France , CO2, Lavandula angustifolia , May 2012 .
And remember : when essential oils are concerned, what you pay for is what you get.

Essential oils are not cheap: a bottle will last at least two years, when it is good quality.lavande