It is also called Influenza. This viral infection puts you to bed for two weeks, affecting your airways: This is the highly contagious mouche

Indeed, either type A or B, the influenza virus causes an acute infection of the throat, nose, bronchi, lungs and ears. Nothing to compare with a simple bronchitis or rhinitis.

Here, the virus enters through the mucous membranes of the nose, from the eyes or mouth, and spreads very easily through coughing or sneezing, especially in winter, which often results in an epidemic.

The epidemic of influenza: Everyone fears it! But instead of fearing it, you should simply make sure it doesn’t scare you! 


Some facts about the flu

The epidemic will involve 25 to more than 50% of the population at any age, and its severity will adjust  according to everyone ‘s immune system performance.

If you do not use the principles of prevention and immune support that I advocate in the following pages, the flu can easily make you bedridden 10-15 days with fever, muscle aches, fatigue, headache, dry cough , sore throat etc … and leave you weak for another good week.

Be aware that influenza is rarely dangerous. However, if you do not treat it carefully, it makes you more susceptible to pneumonia, ear infections or sinusitis.

In fact, people who are likely to suffer most from the consequences of influenza are those with low immunity or those with already (I should say, in addition to) a debilitating chronic disease affecting the heart or lungs.

In short, it is best to get strong and ready, which also means not getting caught up without the basic tools to stop it or fight it.


Flu: a few words of advice and education


First, a few words about the vaccine: my goal being to keep you from taking drugs, especially the most toxic ones, I can not suggest vaccination, and for several reasons.

Each outbreak occurs following the mutation of a flu virus. vaccins

After each vaccination, antibodies that we developed for influenza, are useless for the next.

So you should be revaccinated for the new flu. Which implies a new dose of toxins and aluminium residus, with all the side effects related to it, especially regarding the seniors.

Why the seniors? Because older people’s cells do not regenerate quickly anymore. Such a substance gives the last strike and blocks deficient genes, leading to abnormal cell activity and especially, neurons. No wonder more and more Alzheimer disease’s cases flourish all over developped countries!

(I could go on with children immunization scandal, but this is not the purpose of this page-)

So, what to do?

– You may choose to get vaccinated every year, but I’d say it’s the wrong choice knowing that the vaccine is unwarranted and toxic, it protects you at only 50% and there is every year people who suffer from serious side effects in response to inoculation. So this is a risky move.

– Or you take whatever steps are necessary to protect yourself naturally, knowing that studies show that the frequency of making serious flu is reduced to every 15 years on average, and that in 80% of cases, flu symptoms are so mittigated that they go before we even notice them.


Here is how you can get ready for the flu season

  • Be ready before the flu

To introduce and give the tone of the rest of my speech, here’s a snippet of what Dr. Pierre Oudinot said 50 years ago in his book “La conquête de la santé” Ed Dangles.:
“The human body normally lives among countless microbes deemed more or less pathogenic, more or less virulent. Healthy, we host millions of staphylococci, streptococci, coliforms and often bacilli diphtheria, pneumonia, or tuberculosis, all perfectly harmless. Which means that we do not become sick simply being in contact with germs. “
Indeed, it takes two to get sick! And in this regard, Dr. Marchesseau gives a perfect image: “This is not the mosquitoes that make the swamps, but the swamps that attract the mosquitoes.”

To translate: junk food, environmental pollution (coming from your air, water and food), lack of exercise, alcohol, smoking, drugs, stress, pollution of all kinds, as well as the abuse of antibiotics, cortisone, sleeping pills, tranquilizers, vaccinations, and finally our own negative thoughts and those fed by the collective unconscious and prohibitions of our education, all this is the swamp.malade

The dirtier you are, the more the virus will find something to eat. (I’m not talking about your hands … I talk about what you have inside!)

When your body is dirty, it starts cleaning up itself with its own tools. On of the most efficient, fever, can burn everything to sweat and eliminate many of the toxins …

And yes, all this to make you understand that the longer you maintain your “internal cleanliness”, the less you are exposed to infectious diseases.

Flu prevention weapons

Have your weapons ready, but mostly, do help your body perform his immunity job.

Let me give you some examples.

1 You begin to feel the early symptoms of the flu, a few hot flashes, a little headache or back pain, or may be, throat, itchy or runny nose .

  • You did not pay attention soon enough, or you were unable to respond, then you’re already in bed, so you have to help you to suffer as little as possible and for the shortest time possible.

At this stage, you have three things to do:
1. help your body get rid of toxins that have attracted the virus
2. boost your immunity
3. fight the virus

– Avoid solid food, drink mostly homemade juices, homemade chicken stock (made with an organic chicken, garlic, ginger, cloves, thyme, onions, parsley, carrots, celery and leeks), herbal teas (ginger, chamomile, thym, sage), water, all of which will participate in the elimination of toxins.

– Drink hot … in traditional Chinese medicine, the early symptoms of colds are called “cold syndrome” and he should do everything to warm the body.

– If you have the equipment, go for a water enema, or best, for a colon hydrotherapy session. The best way to releive your gut from the accumulated goop inside.

– Have a foot massage with kidney stimulating essential oils (diluted) : grapefruit, juniper berry, atlas images-2 copycedarwood, geranium.

– Burn antiviral essential oils to clean up your environment (and possibly protect people who live around you): Ravensara, Rosemary, tea tree, lemon, eucalyptus globulus, pine … alone or in synergy of three to choose from.

– Massage your chest with decongestant and anti-viral essential oils such as Tsuga Canadensis, Lavendula latifolia and Ravensara aromatica,

– If you feel your throat starts to bite, apply some lavendula latifolia essential oil strait on it and drink large glasses of hot lemon juice in water. Gargle with : a large glass of water, one drop of clove EO, 2 drops of peppermint EO and 2 drops of cinnamon leaf, well stired. Massage your throat with 5 drops of Thymus vulgaris EO diluted in a teaspoon of base oil, morning and evening.

All of this should induce some fever (sign that your immunity is responding). So, make it work! Do not try to reduce it (especially with a drug). If it is really high and painful, have a bath, slightly cooler that your temperature and massage your chest with a cooling EO such as Palmarosa or Black pepper (or both, mixed together).

Once again, do not feel lost using EO : read the user’s manual, here.