Viruses mutate constantly, they adapt to drugs, chemical antivirals and end up becoming more aggressive.

The best thing you can do to protect yourself from viruses and other pathogenic invaders, is to empower your immune system.
Yes, an efficient immunity will protect you from all kinds of invaders, whether viral, bacterial, fungal or degenerative …

So to be clear, from the most banal colds to cancer, through a possible food poisoning, help your immune system to work well, you can hit a stone several times.
There is not a moment to lose!

Also be aware of antibacterial products used in some soaps tp sanitize your hands: Not only these products tend to cause resistance to antibiotics, but in addition, their antibacterial action does not rival that of essential oils moreover are also anti-viral … what we really need during a flu epidemic.
Let’s talk “Essential Oils”.

Real research on the effectiveness of essential oils demonstrate that this is really all we need to protect us against invading pathogens, while boosting our immunity. The perfect way to combine anti-viral
Not only essential oils are considerably antiviral that a chemical, but they are more immunostimulatory. This means that they help to develop your immunity … in other words, the more you use them, the more your immune system will become stronger and know how to fight viruses, bacteria and other attackers.
Of course, nothing beats the consistency in your actions, and it is clear that proper hygiene life is that going in the same direction …
• Talk internal cleanliness.
Internal cleanliness is a process that includes the quality of what you put in your body and what your environment puts, but also how you clean your body.
A dirty body will attract invading pathogens. Germs and viruses revel mucus and waste it conveys. So your main preventive action will prevent this mucus production and a potential accumulation of toxins in your body.
• Eat the right thing and do not eat what he does not:
Products made ​​from wheat and dairy products are the main manufacturers of mucus that the food industry makes you consume every day. Replaced by equivalent better assimilated is a good way to reduce your mucus production and the risk of inflammation in general.
I give you alternatives to wheat and dairy products here here.
• Pay attention to the quality of your ingredients and their toxicity is another way to avoid polluting with undesirable substances:
I tell you more about detox here.
Help your body clean up your organs: it involves the balance of your liver, your lymphatic system and your kidneys.

• To relieve your lymphatic system, nothing replaces a draining massage with a blend like this one:

In a teaspoon of base oil, add

2 drops of essential oils of grapefruit,
2 drops of essential oils of black pepper
2 drops of essential oils of peppermint. 


To stimulate your kidneys, massage your feet (or do the massage) with the following mixture:

In a teaspoon of base oil, add
2 drops of juniperberry EO,
2 drops of cypress (cupressus sempervirens)
1 drop of peppermint EO
Internal cleaning

To clean your body, nothing is better than a few days of detox and some colon hydrotherapy sessions.
Finally, if you already produce a lot of mucus, if you have a productive cough, if you need to blow your nose often (or worse, if you find it in your stool) use and abuse of the essential oil Atlas cedarwood (cedrus atlantica), 5 drops in a tablespoon of base oil, massaging the inside of your forearm to boost your lung meridian.
Too much or not enough yin/yang

Finally, the internal temperature of your body makes a big difference in your susceptibility to getting sick.

  • If you tend to already be cold all the time (rather Yin), you also tend to lack energy, to have a very soft skin, often producing mucus stool, you are attracted to the warmth, and to sweet drinks, you need Yang wind to increase your internal heat.

To do so, you must avoid raw food (and prefer raw juices), cold drinks and instead choose hot soups, cereals, fresh baked root vegetables,  spicy dishes like Indian curry (tika masala, korma), couscous with quinoa … dishes of stewd or grilled lamb.

  • You are probably too yang if you tend to be hot, if you love spicy foods, alcohol, red meat, sweets, if your skin reddens or blurs easily, these are all signs that you tend to accumulate toxins in the digestive tract, to be constipated (less than two bowel movements per day), and to have an overloaded liver.

You need a little more Yin to balance this excess yang:  you have to quit alcohol (beer and wine too), any stimulants, to limit red meats and spicy dishes per week, drinking lots of water and draining herbal teas.

You’ll choose cooling foods such as raw salads, stir fried dishes, poached fish and poultry, plain yoghurt and kefir,  any fresh seaweed dishes.

 Viruses mutate constantly