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Hi, I am Cécile Ellert,  holistic aromatherapist, physical and emotional detox expert, author, teacher and speaker.

Thank you for having a glance at my pages.

This site is the English version of my French Blog which I’ve created 4 years ago to educate my patients on physical and emotional balance.

It was then in HongKong, China, where I learned most of what I know today about Holistic Aromatherapy, Chinese Medicine, Acupressure, Reiki, Yuen Method, Nutrition and Millenium Method.

I graduated in march 2005 from Asia Pacific Aromatherapy, the Holistic Aromatherapy school of HongKong.

The APAhad diploma is recognized by the Internatonal Federation of Porfessional Aromatherapists in UK, the Australian Traditional Medicine society, the N.Z register of Holistic Aromatheraists (New Zeland) and the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy in United States.

I was lucky enough to have teachers such as Gabriel Mojay, Ron Guba, Christine Saunders (a Robert Tisserand student) and Rihannon Harris



Aromatherapy or Holistic Aromatherapy?Viruses mutate constantly

In France, the tradition of having a symptomatic approach in dealing with diseases favors Clinical Aromatherapy. To me, a symptomatic approach is incomplete.

A symptomatic approach cannot deal with the most important side of the human: the subconscious mind and the spirit.

This is why the holistic aromatherapist does not forget to use the multiple actions of essential oils on every aspects of the being.

This is also the reason why aromatherapy is so complementary with other holistic approaches such as massage, Chinese medicine, nutrition, reflexology, acupressure, shiatsu and various energy healing techniques.


In this interview with Anne Benissan (EZ, I answer a number of questions about Holistic Aromatherapy



Switching from toxicity to balance

I grew up as a sick child. I know in my flesh and in my heart what being sick means.

For years, I served as a guinea pig to many doctors who couldn’t find what I had…and today, I help people clean up their life from the very sickness I also have been suffering of.

I’ve learn a lot over the last ten years taking care of women and children all over the world. They didn’t come to me because of my training (most of them knew nothing about aromatherapy), but because of what I’ve learned while healing myself.

This is this experience that allows me to say that I will not ever trust a doctor for the rest of my life and that without balance and a clean digestive system, there is no point trying to feel better.

But most importantly I’ve learned that I will never ever let anyone decide for myself about my health.


You know better

Indeed, no one should know better than yourself about your own health…because you should never let money, profit, convenience and generalization decide which type of treatment is available to you or which one is simply just enough for you, because it is enough for the others and because any other alternative is not yet taught in medical schools.

Here, you’ll discover how simple, natural and efficient products can replace most of the drugs pharmaceutical industry made sure you have the reflex to rely on.


Many of my French readers already did, so why not you?

Here is what one of them, Annick from Strasbourg, thinks of it :


“Yes, essential oils work! In January 2014 I started Cécile’s Anti-Candida program, with the prescribed essential oils that I still apply on myself twice a day. I finished with the diet this summer but I’ve learned how to be careful to maintain my new way of life as a natural routine. I changed a few habits and discovered new ones (the use of essential oils) thanks to Cécile and her program. I just turned 50 and I feel great: no more colds, bronchitis etc….I am not scared of germs anymore, I actually don’t even think about it and finally appreciate life the way I didn’t before. To me this is real happiness. It is true that before meeting with Cécile I was trying my best to lead a healthy life (I have 5 children) but since I’ve known her I have a new confidence, I know I am on the right track and she explains things so well that this is simply evident! You need to decide to change and….and follow her advices. Thanks you Cécile!”


My pages are there to show you how not to follow the habits food industry installed in you social life and how not following these habits is the key to protect your body from many sources of toxicity and imbalances.


I helped hundreds of students, clients and readers to better understand their chronic problems, those of their children and parents. They found the origin of their problems, which led them to efficiently solve them and get rid of drugs.

If you too have been trying to find solutions for years, from therapist to tests and treatments, this place is for you.

Posts, books and on line coaching are what I offer you to bring you new answers.

My mission is to help you see better in your self and access efficient tools to finally reach a drug free life.


This is why I also offer a limited amount of free online consultations.

Take your chance!


 Holistic aromatherapy, nutrition and sound advices

to help you clean your body and your mind from the daily pollution that keeps you away from the essential

Your physical and Emotional balance