Cold is the perfect climatic energy to nourish and invigorate our kidneys.

Our body do not like cold, but only when it is excessive, arising in another season, with wind or when we’re lacking energy!

But if you know how to make good use of its energy, you will make the most of the beautiful winter to strengthen and regenerate your kidneys’ energy instead of letting it get weaker, desperately trying to fight cold…

Winter cold contracts and condenses energy. th

We can actively make the most of this phenomenon and therefore strengthen what depends on our kidneys: our root energy, bones, cord, sex organs and even our brain.


Here are 3 methods to practice during winter to strengthen your kidneys’ energy and start spring totally energized.



 Absorb cold to invigorate your kidneys

Go out in the cold dressed warmly. Choose a moment when its not too windy. You can practice this meditation sitting on something that wouldnt be too cold such as a wood log, a pillow or a blanket that you would bring with you. You can also meditate standing up, feet shoulders-width apart and arms resting along your body.

Close your eyes. Start breathing deeply, relaxing your stomach and letting your chest

Focus on the sensations that cold provokes in your body, on the surface as well as deeply. Let your sensations guide this meditation as they will be the one making the energy flow.

Focus now on the points at the center of the soles of your feet that should be in contact with the floor. Through these points, breathe in earth’s cold energy, let it flow up your legs, your perineum until your Dan Tien* and your kidneys.

Then breathe out pushing this cold energy into the depth of your kidney and your stomach and store it up.

Reconnect with the soles of your feet and repeat. Practice for 5 to 6 minutes, necessary time to fill up your kidneys of the beautiful winter energy. You can then get back to a normal breathing.

You will see that you actually won’t get cold during this exercise and you will discover again the amazing link that connects us with the Earth.


Practice qi gong, yoga,or other activities surrounded with pines


Exercising surrounded by pines allows you to recharge in their amazing energy.

To complete this practice, or if there aren’t any pines in your close environment, try black spruce essential oil, extracted from a north-american pine.

I recommend to apply 2 drops every morning on the lumbar area, to benefit from its amazing invigorating energy.


Enjoy sunlight to recharge your kidneys in Yang



Our kidneys’ energy is formed of 75% of Yin energy and 25% of Yang energy.

A little warmth and sunlight are necessary to its balance as well.

Thanks to these 3 methods, you know how to get through winter, making the most of its energy and getting ready for spring full of vital energy.