I like to talk about toxic emotions.

They trigger a lot of improductive behavior, destructive most of the time, and are part of common symptoms of Candida infection.

Knowing they exist makes them easier to identify and treat.

The purpose here is to talk about what prevents you from moving forward, what keeps you into procrastination, what makes you stay in your own suffering, and even not trying to get out of it.



The link between candida and toxic emotions


Candida is a pathogen bacteria that secretes toxins that unbalance the nervous system. These toxins upset the whole body, take part in the appearance of these emotional disorders, favor mental confusion and depression. And that’s without considering diet and mineral deficiencies…

Fortunately -we’ll talk about it later-, alcohol-based essential oils improve mental energy, and by acting on both nervous system normalization and hormonal production, provide a general improvement – particularly of the immune system.

And what is better than a strong immune system to help the body fight invaders like Candida Albicans?


Immediate pleasure, candida and toxicity



However, when someone suffers from Candidosis, this person is toxic and feels it.

Haven’t you ever felt so bad in your own body that you happened to look for the one little thing that would make you feel good?

One of the particularities of Candida infection is the crave for sugar or bread… or both!

For some people, this immediate comfort will come from a beer, one big jar of ice cream, a chocolate bar, one bag of cookies, toasted bread or one big slice of cheese! Unless it is something to smoke or drink…

It’s rarely carrot juice, radish or soy…and yet this type of food wouldn’t increase the internal toxicity.

The more toxicity you have, the more you will crave food that will maintain this toxicity.

Craving food notoriously known as addictive like sugar, wheat and milk casein is unfortunately something that persons suffering from chronic candida are very familiar with, and therefore they never feel good, physically and emotionally.

By going for what will provide an immediate gustative satisfaction, that is to say products that will satisfy their endorphin production, they easily please themselves while maintaining the vicious circle that is so bad for them in the end.

Because all the comfort food mentioned earlier is what candida loves and what allows it to proliferate.

People with a toxic body are so alike…. before anything else,  their liver is suffering and it shows with :

  • anger,
  • paranoia,
  • impatience,
  • constant dissatisfaction,
  • irritability,
  • arrogance
  • and even depression.

    These conditions influence our life more than you can imagine…

    Yes…what you think has a direct impact on not only the way you eat, but also on your life, your future, the way you project yourself…



Candida prevents you from seeing clearly




If you suffer from internal toxicity, chances are your thoughts are lacking optimism, or enthusiasm, and confidence in the future.

It is important to change that…

Indeed, knowing that your present state of mind results from your past thoughts, it is pretty easy to see that your future will be the reflection of your current thoughts, which have a direct effect on your present actions, decisions and behavior …

  • In conclusion, your internal toxicity affects the quality of your feelings, which themselves affect the quality of your thoughts, influencing your behavior, therefore toxic.



Essential oils that help to take a first step forward



Whether it is to change your own vision of life or to help someone you love, who is suffering and wouldnt how to make a first move to change, these are some available essential oils:

  • A relaxing massage: it can be applied on small areas of the body like the feet (who would turn down a foot massage?), the hands, the face, the back, or the shoulders…and repeat regularly.

    You will see how it will transform the person.

    • Patchouli is an essential oil that soothes doubts, anxiety and lack of self-confidence.

    It clarifies the objective mind, comforts and gives the strength to follow exceptional paths on your own.

    • Peppermint can help to moderate temper and help for you to have an objective vision of your strengths, your assets and your self-sufficiency.
    • Orange can help you moving forward arousing your curiosity for new things while appeasing your anxiety and tension.

    Refer to the instructions for use of essential oils to prepare the desired mix.

    For those who might be scared to try essential oils, here is a simple formula to massage on your arms and chest, that will clear your thoughts:

    To one tablespoon of base oil (preferably infused with St-John’s-wort), add:

    • 1 drop of peppermint essential oil
    • 2 drops of patchouli essential oil
    • 3 drops of sweet orange or, even better, of orange blossom.

What about your toxic thoughts? Did you already experience them? How do you recognize yourself here?