Between the risks of burn-outs and other stress diseases we are constantly threatened by in our lifestyle – the demands of society and of course, what we impose on ourselves in terms of performance and guilt. We can of course keep up with this…. as long as our resilience allows us!

But for how long?

In fact, we never stop: phones, screens of all kinds, including various connections. These are added to our normal dose of stress from our bosses, children, and spouses. And then, there’s life. I know… it’s a lot to take in!

It’s a matter of marching forward, no matter what. It’s about being able to land on our feet. It’s about being resilient. Are you?

Hard to know, isn’t it?

A drug-addicted (prescription) person, over-stressed, on the brink of a burnout, at work for example, may not be in the right state of mind to react: of embarking on the proactive path of an “un-stressful” attitude. To them, it may seem easier to keep going day after day, downing one coffee after another.

However, while caffeine, sugar and alcohol can temporarily distract you from a state of malnutrition, they do not help to feed your resilience.

It is not enough to say to someone overwhelmed by stress: “Be careful, even if you feel like you’re doing good right now, at this rate, it’s not going to last.”

We must act in their place, give them the means to change course, and bring tangible solutions.

Start with small things: arrange for them to take a day off, or a week (even better).

Make them cancel all their social commitments, or force them to stay away from electronic devices.

And then there is the elimination of toxins: They have the greatest impact on our emotional balance.

The trouble is that the perception of healthy eating is completely random. But in the case of stress, it is essential to act on the general state of inflammation of the body, and nothing is more effective than to eliminate (for a time) the prominent sources of inflammation that are:

Alcohol, sugar, dairy products and gluten. Don’t worry, it’s not that scary.

This small list could include additives, hormones, antibiotics and other junk food that are not certified organic.

This simple action on the level of general inflammation is enough to create a change in point of view and attitude, nourish a new creative state, renew the desire to act for yourself/ to attain your best self.

In a nutshell, to get a stressed person out of a self-destructing gear that they are sinking in: where they are exposed to more toxicity and a lack of vision for a solution… you may say they have no will to find a solution because it is beyond their abilities.

The easiest way to act against chronic stress is to clean up your diet by following what an anti-inflammatory diet prescribes (as suggested in the anti-candida diet). Cleanse your digestive system with the help of hydrotherapy sessions, restore your level of absorption with whole, raw, nutrient-rich food, thus cleansing your cells: giving them the means to regenerate, and optimize the function of your organs.

This simple change will make you feel like a whole new person, from the inside out!

You will gradually gain a new ability to change course, react, and bounce back: you will feel the resilience fill you up and take over the stress.

You will become aware of a new language of reason. Everything is starting to make sense and your mind is no longer in a fog.

Resilience can be renewed through your diet, movement, rest and relaxation.

In practice, making resilience stronger than stress can be summarized as:

Eliminate: Eliminate what makes you sick, toxic, and food sensitivities that your immune system is negatively reacting to.

This includes sugar, which puts stress on your adrenals; gluten that triggers inflammation; soy that tends to unbalance the thyroid; but also, all processed, refined and industrial foods; caffeine; alcohol; and dairy products that demand more work from the body instead of making it easier.

Feeding resilience is about helping your body function more easily: spare your body from what the food industry has created to increase sales, and what your body does not recognize as useful for the maintenance of its energy.

When you suffer from a burnout: you no longer have any resilience available, so no energy to spare.

Nourish: after eliminating sources of inflammation and imbalances, and resort to what will feed you proactively.

An anti-stress recovery routine is colorful, rich in anti-inflammatory phyto-nutrients, good fats (olive, flax, avocado, nuts) to support immunity and brain activity, and good protein quality such as stewed grass-fed beef, wild salmon and farm poultry.

And then, there are the ingredients supporting an intestinal flora regeneration: “live” foods such as yogurt and fibers (prebiotics sources). Do not neglect them…