Inflammation is the F word for the “people in the know” in the world of natural health.

So, you know you need to avoid anything fueling inflammation, which means in first place, bad food and toxic substances.
But is it enough?
Sorry to disappoint some of you, but it is not. It is especially tricky to avoid all sources of toxicity and to absorb enough nutriments in order to maintain proper regeneration in your body.

But, not only that : what about vibrational level? Energy? Quality of emotions?
Oh my god! More work in perspective isn’t it?

Why bothering me with my emotional state..? If I eat clean, I should have clean thoughts, clean emotions etc… right?

But this is not as simple as that. So many factors are to be taken into consideration.

From your direct environment to your education and the way your DNA wants you to view your life’s events.

I found, about 10 years ago now, that if proper nutrition is key, it is not enough.
Most of the people who base their approaches on nutrition also advice meditation, psychology and various other techniques that are completely useful (I do use them myself).

But I must confess : what would I do without essential oils?

Are you always in a state (physical and emotional) where you have enough strength to meditate, prepare yourself something nice to eat or even exercise?
What about when your hormones’ vicious influence puts you so down that nothing matters anymore, or when someone hurts your feeling so bad that the only food you feel like having is that big chocolate bar, or worse, the entire ice cream box?

Yes,  the list is much longer.

I know that in most people’s mind essential oils are there to help you breath when you have a cold or dry that nasty pimple. Some know they exist but have no clue how to use them. Others do not see the difference between the oils, Bach flowers and homeopathy. Come on…

Let me tell you this : do you know a lot of natural substances (or synthetic) that work in the same time on bacteria, viruses, skin regeneration, nervous system balance, nausea, lack of appetite, concentration, fear, anger, anxiety, depression, lethargy, candidosis, inflammation, sleep, energy, cicatrisation, excess mucus, cough, nerve pain, muscle pain, blood clotting, tachycardia, hormonal imbalance, thyroid stimulation, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, blood pressure, milk production, itchiness etc…. the list is too long.

I’m not trying to make the list long…but if you know how much our body and mind are strongly connected you’ll also know that in so many occasion, addressing a physical symptoms requires that in the same time to take the emotional consideration.

Let me give you an example : one of my favorite essential oils is angelica root.
To me this is THE oil to use when your stress, your anxiety make you sick in your stomach, or give you what we call irritable bowel syndrome.
If you look on the net, you’ll find that this essential oil is a stimulant, a digestive tonic and an expectorant. If you are lucky you’ll also find that this oils was used to win an angelic protection.

What about that : blood thinner, antispasmodic, antitoxic, reduces fever, detoxicant, diuretic, sedative for central nervous system. Needed in case of fatigue, nervous exhaustion, anxiety, migraine, insomnia, stress.
Good for any digestive issues with a nervous origin, such as anorexia and IBS.
This is an oil that will disgust you from drinking alcohol…
Anyways, here is an essential oil that in itself is able to work on the origin and the symptoms of your digestive issues.
Imagine what happens when you master the use of a few more oils and create various synergies by blending three of them together? This is what I did with three oils which,  together, are just what you need when you travel overseas (or anywhere…). They help you from pain to inflammation, nausea, infections, (lack of libido) and much much more.
Do you know any drug that can do that?
You won’t find any.
With a tiny bottle, or two, or three, you have more power over your body, your emotions, to feel better, from head to toe, than with anything else.
Imagine you get really clever and add to these little marvels what give even more coherence to their use : good nutrition and meditation…what else?