Any hormonal variation or irregular intercourse is what it takes to create itchiness, redness, burning sensation, outside or inside.

And usually, the guilty thing is a mushroom, or yeast : candida albicans.

Irritations due to the candida albicans yeast may happen in any humid places of the body.

We all have it inside our body and we, women, are the main targets of its over growth because of the perfect nest we offer with our vagina and


This yeast produces 79 substances that lower our immunity, increase irritation and inflammation, which opens the door to a large list of real diseases.

Among this list: IBS, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, vaginitis, cystitis, depression etc…


You might ask “how can I be sure I have this candida overgrowth”?

Well, if you must know, there is no need to be sure. We are sure of one thing: as a woman, chances are that you have it.

Let me tell you something: available to us is the power of essential oils to help relieve the symptoms as well as fight the infection, locally and internally.

And the essential oils used to cure your fungal infection are very able to fight any other bacterial infection. So, we simply need to use them. It is safe, hyper powerful, and it respects your body.


What you have to know

It is important to know the difference between a fungal infection and an STD. But most vaginal infections and cystitis are fungal and you contaminate yourself over and over with your sexual partner when they are not also treated.

So, simply protect yourself during your treatment time and make sure your partner is taken care of.


What you know as yeast infection is an infection that can be temporarily relieve with drugs, but not permanently.

Ovules and any other anti-fungal drugs won’t solve the problem.

It is why thousands of women do not know what to do anymore to get better and don’t get a proper answer from their practitioner…



Because your vagina is protected by a bacteria that is very easily destroyed by antibiotics (like the one you’ll be given for your IUT for instance) or any immune depressant drug. Thanks to these drugs, the yeast may freely invade your body and inflame your vagina and vulva.


To help you be cautious, here are the typical triggers of a fungal infection:


Cortisone (prednisone)



Contraceptive pill

Intimate soaps (use only natural liquid soaps)


Excessive transpiration


The good news is that to properly fight recurrent fungal infections you have to improve your immunity, so you have to take care of yourself with a sugar free, dairy free, gluten free diet, plenty of veggies and fresh herbs, spices and clean foods.


This is something I explain is my book “Your anti-candidal aromatic program”, to help you have an efficient and coherent approach.

But you could already feel better with a few powerful essential oils.


Aromatherapy for candida yeast infection and vaginitis



To relieve internal itchiness, fight the yeast, decrease inflammation, heal the mucosa, sanitize, protect your vaginal flora.


In a teaspoon of organic aloe vera gel, add

3 drops tea tree EO

1 drop palmarosa EO

2 drops thyme linalool EO


Roll a tampon in that gel and insert it in the vagina. Keep it for the night, and change it regularly during the day, several days if needed.


If you cannot insert a tampon, make a little ovule:

Use liquid organic coconut oil to replace the gel. Multiply the recipe by 5 so you have enough to fill the bottom of a small zip lock bag, place it is the freezer to harden. You’ll obtain a small sausage that you’ll cut in little sticks of 2 inches long. Keep them from melting in a cool place and use them regularly during the day and night.


Usually, it is also itchy outside the vagina.

You may use exactly the same gel anywhere you need relief, as many time as needed.

Remember: each yeast infection is different according to its age…and your age, your level of toxicity, the spread of your candidosis, the weakness of your immunity, your lifestyle, your level of stress, the balance of your digestive system.

So, never overlook all these factors.


To wrap up the subject

Do not wait for your exams to come back or to see a doctor for confirmation: act at the smallest symptom of itchiness and discomfort by simply using the tampon or applying a few drops of tea tree essential oil on your belly, several times a day.