Around 50, your body doesn’t react the same way anymore.
Without changing anything to your life style, you gain weight easier, especially around the waist.

To get your flat belly back, your need to understand and adopt new habits.

Why this belly?fille

Because of hormonal changes. Your estrogen production changes : it leads to new fat accumulation located between the thighs and the abdomen.

In the same time, water retention increases and muscle mass decreases, which lowers the basic metabolism.

On top of it, you might experiment the urge to eat more fat and sweet foods which doesn’t help with your weight gain.
To limit all the menopausal damages, you need to adopt new reflexes.

The challenge is to reduce your energy intake without creating nutritional lacks, so frequent at this period of life.

1. Eat

The best way to lower your calorie intake is to eat less, especially for diner. Make sure you have smaller portions and to avoid eating when you are not hungry.

You may also practice the alternate fast : one day you eat, the other day you reduce it to mainly juices and very little solid food (a few nuts, a few heads of brocoli…), and avoid eating at night.

2. Watch your added fat intake

This is not about eating low fat, it is about using good fats, but in a sensitive manner. Avoid using cheese in dishes, favor plain Greek yogurt, chose almond butter in place of regular butter (simply more nutritious).

Think nutritional quality: when you are about to eat something fatty, chose the high in protein one instead of the high in sugar one. Make it useful.

Since you need fat to better absorb most of your veggies’ vitamins, cook fat free, and add fresh butter or extra virgin olive oil to your dish right before you serve.

3. Salt lesssel

During menopause, we tend to retain more water. Sodium keeps water into the cells: so the trick is to limit foods that naturally contain salt (soy sauce, bouillon, cheese, smoked fish, cold cuts, fast food).
Prefer spices and herbs and very good quality salt such as pink salt or unrefined grey sea salt.

4. Alternate calcium sources

During menopause, you have higher risks to lose bone mass, which leads to osteoporosis. To limit this phenomenon, the trick is to increase your calcium intake.

However,  that doesn’t mean you have to also increase your dairy consumption!

Fresh carrot juice, sardines in olive oil, nuts, nut butter, leafy greens are all smart ways to eat your calcium.

5. Give the Ist place to your veggiesth

Because of their fiber and water content, vegetables satisfy quickly and also slow down the other foods absorption, which limit them from adding up. Veggies are rich in potassium (against water retention).

Juice them and stir fry them for better digestion.



Safe and easy essential oils that will help you in the process

  • Cypress : menstrual regulator, venal decongestant, diuretic, hepatic, reduces edemas, water retention
  • Atlas cedarwood : reduces grease cells, stimulates lymphatic system, reduces edemas
  • Juniper berry : powerful diuretic, help in cellulite elimination, help in detoxification




Here is a local blend suggestion (for adult) to use these three oils on your legs and belly:

Pour 50 ml of cold press grape seed oil in a little bottle. huiles-300x225


13 drops of cypress (cupressus sempervirens)EO

17 drops of atlas cedarwood (cedrus atlantica) EO

20 drops of juniper berry (juniperus communis) EO

Pour the value of one or two teaspoons of this oil on the area you need to balance and massage it one or twice a day until absorbed.


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