Hi, my name is Cécile Ellert

I am holistic aroma-therapist (a mix of clinical aromatherapy and energetic tools), specialized in physical and emotional detoxification;

I  represent the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy, NAHA, for the state of New Hampshire, where I live. I am in charge of teaching the proper use of essential oils to people who are interested in aromatherapy as a natural way to take care of them.

I am also an author (6 books), speaker (regular on line conferences) and teacher (on line aromatherapy school, AromaPro).

(You might not know anything about me yet because I’m mostly recognized on the French speaking blogosphere..)

But what I would like you to keep in mind what motivates me to do what I do on a regular basis, but also what gets under my skin:

How the world we live in today, in the name of “progress” and “health”, is intoxicating millions of people blinded by trust and denial. They are unaware that their physical and emotional suffering are the byproducts of the toxins they breathe, drink, eat and are injected with everyday.

This is what drives me to educate those who, as a last resort, contact me and give me details of their lives: hoping that finally someone could help them, after years of not being heard and not being helped.

What they need is to get their life and health back, with tools they can learn to use safely in their everyday lives.

Short story

Since I left France in 1994 I lived between the United States and China, two countries that gave me the chance to rub shoulders with exceptional teaching therapists, those who taught me everything about balance of the body through the clinical and holistic use of essential oils.

Since then, I have helped hundreds of patients, readers, students to see clearly their state of health, their chronic problems, those of their children and parents.

 They managed to find the source of their problems and finally solve them.

Why? Because instead of trying one technique after another, to chain them without getting real results, holistic aromatherapy allows you to associate what makes it possible to identify the cause (s) of your problems, then to respond by approaching physical symptoms as much as emotional pains and energy terrain.

 Everything is interconnected and in dissociable, nothing can be left to chance, simultaneously.

Lets face it: despite everything our medical institutions are telling us, prescription drugs are not the answer.

Here, you’ll discover how simple a drug free life can be and most importantly, how it is possible to achieve.

Since I left France in 1994, I’ve lived between the United States and China: two countries that allowed me to meet exceptional teachers, consequently the very same who taught me everything I know today to be true about general balance.

Since then, I’ve helped hundreds of patients, readers and students to understand the correlation between their life, emotions, environment and health.

They found solutions nobody ever gave them (or me) before, all the while still consulting conventional western doctors.

Imagine being able to master gentle, efficient and simple tools that, with common sense and coherence will give you back your autonomy and your health at the same time?

I cannot translate in English all the testimonials I receive from my French readers but here are some of them:

« Hi, yes, essential oils do work! In January 2014 I started your anti-candida diet with the essential oils remedy that I use twice a day since!

I finished with the diet during the summer and since I am very careful with what I eat everyday, my lifestyle, but in a casual way. I changed some of my habits and discover others (thanks to the essential oils) thanks to you and your program…I just turned 50 and I am in the best of shape, no more colds and bronchitis…viruses, bacteria and fungus are kept away and I don’t even think about it anymore, I appreciate the little pleasures of life and I believe this must be bliss! It is true that before knowing you I was doing my best to offer a healthy life style to my entire family (5 kids) but since I’ve known you I do know I am on the right track and you explain things so clearly it feels it is simply evident. What we need is the will of doing better…and to follow your advices! Thank you Cécile! » Annick, France.


“Hi Cécile, I loved the webinar yesterday. Even though I consider myself healthy, I still have questions. I still have to discover the power of essential oils because I know they may be useful. Congratulations for you website! The information, the webinars, your advice, great! You are brilliant! Lots of knowledge, I am impressed!

With all my gratitude, a thousand thanks”. Joanne. Quebec

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As women, we all need smart, non polluting tools to protect our body integrity in a world dominated by a masculine authority. 

Over the last 15 years I’ve been helping thousands of women to get their power back.

What about you?

 Aromatically yours,