We, women, often have to push them to act so they start taking care of themselves, simply because lets face it:  men are much more incline to neglect their health than women.


I call it the “superman syndrome”.






Which man didn’t felt indestructible at one point in his life?


This is why, men do not need help.

If women are in a way “doomed” to regularly meet with they gynecologist for reproductive matters, men spend 25% less time with a doctor during the year.


Men don’t have the time

Much too busy…they don’t trust anyone and don’t need anyone (I’m not a guy, but I’m the same…)


This attitude is acceptable in case they also adopt a type of prevention, a healthy life style, and when they are able to do the right thing in terms of balance.

However, men have a tendency to believe in the miracle pill, so handy when they waited so long to act that they are doomed to do something if they want the pain to stop.


So many products exist and give the illusion that miracle happen. However, this is not true.


This is because they believe so much in this myth that men arrive to me in pretty bad shape. They realize they missed the power to heal.


So, I’ve decided to offer them a bit of that power.


Here are essential oils, just for them. Something you can offer them so they have drug free tools to take care of themselves.


Aromatherapy for men




  • Vetiver. The essential oil for men. No women can resist its smell (especially me).

This powerful nervous system balancer is also a good remedy for muscle aches and bad circulation. It relieves from insomnia, nervous tension as well as physical and mental exhaustion.

A few drops in the after shave lotion, or, for a sublime foot or shoulder massage, 5 drops in a teaspoon of coconut oil.


  • Jasmin. This is the oil I use the most on the shoulders of the stressed man. Not only is it a beautiful anti-spasmodic, it also relieve from pessimism, lack of self love, heart ache and any emotional suffering. Men too deserve comfort…


3 drops in a teaspoon of coconut oil, massaged on the shoulders and neck, and on the forearms in the morning.


  • Pine. Efficient on most respiratory infections, even when linked to allergies. Pine is also anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and relieve mental fatigue, nervous depression and lack of focus.


A few drops diluted in coconut oil, on the chest after a morning shower.



  • Peppermint. The digestion oil. To keep handy and use after a heavy meal and too much alcohol. This oil helps detoxify from toxic substances, drugs and antibiotics.


You simply need to smell it quickly from the bottle and from a drop on the internal side of your wrist.



  • Spyke lavender. The universal oil. This is the oil the handy man must keep in his pocket because it replaces a pharmacy in itself. It doesn’t need to be diluted in a carrier, simply let a few drop where it hurts, a cut, a sting, a bruise…and immediate relief.


For more details on how to use essential oils, read the user’s manual.