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Most of you have already experienced years of wandering , from various specialists to even more various practitioners, looking for the proper answer to their imbalances.

But when you cannot afford anymore to be wrong, being accompanied by someone experienced who will adapt gentle yet powerful approaches to your needs, someone you can turn to anytime (without having to make an appointment weeks in advance) may be the answer.

What’s your most important health goal?
Is it clear to you?

Perhaps you have a lingering health challenge and feel like you’ve ‘seen everyone’ and ‘tried everything’.

You’ve made progress, but still aren’t where you want to be.
Most people I speak to are frustrated because they don’t have any real direction.

They are trying a bunch of things, and they just don’t know what’s working for them and what’s not.

For tricky or chronic health challenges, you can try to do it by yourself, but the fastest and most effective way is to get real qualified support to get you all the way there.

This is exactly how I want to help you reach your health goal.

The truth is that real health transformation comes from:

  1. Uncovering exactly what caused your health to decline in the first place.
  2. Discovering how ‘your body works’ to create a unique plan
  3. Evolving your habits and lifestyle to match your new vision for your health
  4. Using targeted interventions to optimize your body’s own natural healing capabilities
  5. Each person that I work with, we focus on these four areas to ensure that they have the best chance for success.

    If we work together, I’ll work to use all of the tools, knowledge, and care that is appropriate to create the best plan that works for your life.

    That’s my commitment to you.

    You should know that I can do my best, but I can’t do it 100% for you…

    You also have to play your part.

    This will take you to be open to make some lifestyle changes that we discover are essential to reach your goals.

    There are times where changing those habits may be difficult, but that’s what me and my team are here for.

    After doing this work for 12 years, I’ve seen hundreds of cases, different illnesses, body types, and health histories.

    What gets me up in the morning is that person who is sees a better future for themselves, and is willing to do what it takes to make the change.

    If you are ready to step up and take your health into your own hands, then schedule an introductory session.


On the French version of this website, I have pages of testimonials…Here is a sample of the praises my clients write to me: 

“Since I discovered essential oils and especially Cécile’s personalized advice, I am much more able to stay in the “right” way. It gives me more strength and confidence through this quest for better health “Cendrine

“I read all your articles, look at all your videos and bought several of your books (I finished “how to pass for a super woman” ;-). Thank you again, essential oils have changed my life and that of my family! “Linda

“Since I discovered the Cécile’s advices AND THAT I HAVE IMPLEMENTED them (better!) I got my life back! The game is not won yet, but from what I was six months ago and now “there’s no picture” and all of this simply by following the  simple but highly effective advices Cecile gave me. I would be dead today if I had continued with traditional medicine! Doctors did not even realize they were killing me. ” Claudia

If, like Claudia, you feel stuck,  that you are unable to have the proper answer to your needs and that your life escapes you, let me ask you these questions:


Solutions are available :

This is why I am offering you my help here.

I offer you the option of not being out there by yourself with your doubts.

Let me help you

orange-arrow         Identify and cut your emotional blocks (often inherited), those who are often responsible for maintaining your physical symptoms


       orange-arrow Use all the background information and the tools that I speak about on this website, coherently,


      orange-arrow Adapt what is explained in my books to your particular case


    orange-arrow   Apply techniques that I master to address your needs and giving you tools you’ll use for the rest of your (much better) life.


You will find here various options to choose according to your needs and possibilities.


Why together?

For what?


Everything starts with a confidential questionnaire, your history, from which I’ll define a treatment plan that meets your needs with an aromatic protocol of “homework”, remote energy interventions (with your agreement), EFT, nutritional supplements, a diet and even customized recipes.

It’s a job mainly focused on solving your emotional blocks, those who make you suffer every day as much as those responsible for physical diseases to which you have not yet found solutions.

The efficiency of this plan lies in the regularity of appointments and the implementation of the protocol.

These regular sessions allow to truly individualize and efficiently correct what the aromatic treatment will bring to the surface in terms of deep emotional issues and all the physical manifestations that accompany them.

Lets clean up your life together!