If you have a hyperactive bladder and need to go to the bathroom several times a day or night… let’s be honest it’s not fun, but we’re here for you!

Worse, if your bladder is weak and tends leak, now that’s really no fun!

But it happens to more people than we think: 17% of women and 16% of men over 18 have an overactive bladder problem, and one in five adults suffers after the age of 40.

Conventional prescriptions are not really effective: they cause side effects and sometimes involve serious risks.

What if I told you that an essential oil can improve bladder capacity by more than 300%? Finally, a proper night’s sleep with no trips to the bathroom! Who can argue against more sleep?

Let me introduce you to your new best friend: angelica, from its botanical name Angelica archangelica.

It’s one of my favorite essential oils, but for other reasons. By a happy coincidence, I just learned of its properties with respect to bladder capacity.

Know that it is one of the “precious” oils that act on your nervous system.

An Icelandic Study about the bladder

Originally from Iceland, this is where we have studied this plant, and where it has become the number one botanical remedy for reducing urinary frequency in men.

In many cases, as soon as a man suffers from urinary frequency, we think of the prostate. But that’s not always the right origin. In fact, an overactive bladder is more common than you think and requires a different attention than the health of the prostate.

Without going into too much details, the figures from the study showed the effectiveness of angelica on this subject: know that on people with a bladder containing less than 260 ml, angelica has allowed an increase in capacity of more than 300%. In men over 70 years of age, angelica increased the first uninterrupted sleep by 280% compared to those who took a placebo.

For once, men have benefited from an improvement in their urinary retention without attacking their prostate!

Angelica: it’s for everyone’s bladder!

The advantage of angelica is that it works on the bladder of not only men, but women as well.

But above all, it is really well tolerated, and without side effects. You can find for its curative properties, or just because it smells nice. Unlike a drug, it does not cause changes in hormones, blood pressure, heart rate or libido.

If you choose the essential oil, you can take advantage of it to work on your kidneys and on the energy of your bladder (and you will benefit anyway from the range of action of your oils on the rest of your body).

Here is a bladder toning mix to massage on your stomach, back of the knees and under your feet, as often as you want.

In 10 ml of base oil, add:

5 drops of Cedarwood EO (cedrus atlantica)

2 drops of Geranium EO (pelargonium asperum)

3 drops of Angelica archangelica EO (Angelica archangelica)

This mixture is recommended for pregnant women, but in their case, the bladder issue is mechanical and temporary, it is useless to try to remedy it before delivery.

On the other hand, some children have an overactive bladder and can benefit from it.

For children over three, make the following mixture:

In 10 ml of base oil, drop:

3 drops of Atlas Cedar wood EO

1 drop of Geranium EO

2 drops of angelica root EO

And if like me you like perfume with oils, put a few drops of angelica EO associated with a little patchouli EO on the inside of the wrists… trust me on this!