Recent studies show how risky it is to take acetaminophen and opioids for long term pain relief.

When I read that 80% of Americans suffer from chronic back pain at some point in their lives, (which will take them to see their doctor and go to the pharmacy) I can easily imagine the huge quantities of acetaminophen that are used each year. Yes, because in term of pain, acetaminophen is still an important reflex. But you must know that acetaminophen is not more effective than a placebo in relieving back pain.dos

A study conducted by hundreds of clinics in Sydney, Australia, involved 1652 people with lower back for 4 weeks. They were given acetaminophen or a placebo.

At the end of the study, the researchers found that there was virtually no difference between the number of days required for the relief of back pain in both cases.

On average, it took 17 days for the group taking acetaminophen and 16 days in the placebo group to be relieved of their back pain.

These results suggest the need to reconsider the universal recommendation of giving paracetamol to relieve back pain in the long term.


Do not do drugs when taking pain killers

Unfortunately, back pain is one of the main causes of addiction to opiates, which takes the lives of 17,000 Americans each year.
Be aware that prescription opiates is one of the newest ways to use drugs legally.

It is important to realize that drugs such as hydrocodone (Vicodin) and oxycodone (Percocet) are derivatives of opioids, like heroin.

The risk of addiction is extremely high.medocs

More and more manufacturers of pharmaceutical products in the United States are prosecuted for contributing to the drug abuse epidemic. In the county of Santa Clara, California, the rate of opiate overdose has tripled in the last ten years.

According to local authorities, it is the result of a marketing plan established by pharmaceutical companies to create a clientel for these drugs, that should never have existed to begin with.

It is the marketing of these pills manufacturers that reminds your doctor to prescribe them for pain.

If you really do not have any other alternative, simply take them for a very short period, not more than a week.
Do not turn yourself into legal drug addict.drogué

You must consider one thing: many people have a nervous system that won’t react the way the majority does. A single opiate pill is what it takes them to be addicted as if they were taking it for weeks.

These cases are usually not included in the statistics … but they exist.

The people to whom it happens are condemned to take these medications at all costs if they don’t want to suffer the horrific effects of withdrawal.

More importantly, they are treated as addicts. They are sent to rehab with real drug addicts and alcoholics.
Weeks and months of suffering, helplessness, anger, humiliation, to end up feeling worse than when they had that very pain that led them to take the drug.

Simply because they trusted a doctor who, thanks to good marketing, prescribed the wrong pill.

Yet simple ways exist to avoid taking these pills.

Try all options before considering taking medication.

This list of suggestions is not the only approach to chose from, but it brings together the best tools I know.

  • Identify why you have pain: in general, pain is the result of inflammation,which is a normal response of the immune system,the body coming to the rescue.

If you erase this response, you rob your body’s healing tools.

Topical application of essential oils preserves the immune response, not toxic and still very efficient in fighting pain.


  • Eliminate any inflammation triggers you do not need: I mean grains and sugar, from sweets, soft drinks (even with artificial sweetener), pastries, alcohol, ice cream, too much fruit, chocolate etc … Avoid most of these two food categories and you’ll help lower your insulin and leptin levels which together stimulate the production of inflammatory prostaglandins. In short, sugar and gluten promote inflammation. By avoiding them, you automatically reduce your pain level as well as the chronicity of your problem. Anti-inflammatory painkillers work this way, simply by manipulating prostaglandin.
  • Consider the emotional aspects of pain: Anger and frustration make you boil physically and emotionally! These emotions come from your toxic liver, feed your nervous system with irritation and make you hypersensitive.

Aromatherapy, acupuncture, massage, Yuen method and EFT are great ways to act on your pain level, drug free, while detoxifying your liver and your emotions.

  • Detoxify yourself as much as possible: Whether you choose a liver detox or a candida diet is up to you (As long as you avoid sugar and gluten) but choose one. Indeed, internal toxicity maintains acidity in your body, promotes inflammation, slows down cell regeneration and thus your ability to heal. A cleaner body knows better how to regenerate.
  • Clean yourself from the gut (with a colon hydrotherapy) and from your emotions with meditation. Both techniques act on how cleaning up toxic emotions and affect the way your brain is involved in the perception of pain.
  • Transform your perception of pain through readings such as the Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle or New Earth, by the same author.
  • Be sure to get enough sleep: Without good sleep, our mechanism of pain tolerance is not working well and participates in the formation of a vicious cycle where pain causes anxiety and depression, depression leads to procrastination and immobility , immobility causes muscle weakness and loss of muscle tone causes fatigue. More fatigue causes less physical strength, thus more pain, etc.. …


  • Act on your stress level: Caused by pain, it can be addressed the same way that current stress.

The amount of stress depends on the amount of pain.  Stress increases with the perception of pain.

Any form of stress has a profound impact on the body, but especially on immunity.

Lack of sleep is part of whatt intensifies pain. Pain puts the person in a state of alarm, ideal to stimulate the nervous system.

You must break the vicious cycle that may be installed between Fear and Powerlessness, Anxiety, Insomnia and decreased pain tolerance.

One of the best ways to break this cycle is to be physically active. It is indeed the lack of activity that create little and chronic pains, participating in the loss of muscle mass and increasing physical weakness.

All these points must be associated to aromatherapy: This is where we discover how to benefit from the chemistry of essential oils as well as nutritional supplements without suffering from any side effects.