In” Give the right food to your children part 1″, I gave you solutions to replace nutritionally empty and ready made breakfasts with DIY highly nutritious alternative.

Lets continue with some alternatives to snacks.

Snaks are huge for kids.

And very often, parents cannot easily deal with it, looking for quick and easy ways to satisfy everyone.

Nutella is one the most addictive snack staple ever. Parents even hide to eat it away from the kids…(I know it, I received some confidences)

But no need to live without! Lets make a new version. Lets make your sugar less, full of nutriment version.


Your DIY Nutellapate_a_tartiner_maison

To replace Nutella  you’ll need a few new ingredients : cream or almond butter and hazelnut butter. These nut spreads on bread,  drizzled with a little honey, are already very addictive, but with a little melted chocolate ! It is irresistible on a thin rice cake!


Lets make it :

1.You can melt 4 ounces of good 70% dark chocolate in a water bath ( let it melt by itself, do not stir )

2.Add a teaspoon or two of extra virgin coconut oil for added smoothness and taste,

3.Add 1/2 cup of  hazelnut butter or almond butter,

4. and finally , add a good tablespoon of raw honey.

Mix, pour into a jam jar … ready to be spread, eaten by the spoonful, you name it .

It’s healthy , horribly good, hyper nourishing, mineralizing , full of fiber and protein if you spread it on a spelt crêpe, multigrain rice cake or a pile of pancakes.

You may also choose use an automatic mini ice cream scoop to form nice round truffles out of this cream, drop it on a plate and let it harden in the fridge for a good hour. Such a good way to satisfy a sweet tooth with home made healthy chocolate.


Another staple for snacks : fruit juices.


For juices, get a nice juicer and teach your kids to use it! Let them pick their favorite fruits and veggies, let them experiment their onw mixes and even popstheir own frozen pops : get some juice pops molds (Ikea, amazon) and fill them with their creations.

To give you some ideas, here are some long time favorite :

  • Pinapple and grapefruit
  • Lemon and apple
  • Apple and cranberry
  • Orange, grapefruit and lemon
  • Carrot
  • Carrot and celery
  • Carrot, celery and spinach

Nothing fancy, but good and efficient to nourish, to increase absorption level, to avoid unwanted foods.
This will allow your children to get used to real fruit and vegetables and not to go for bottles filled with a doubtful liquid.

So, you no longer need to buy ready made cereal boxes, or Nutella, white flour, white sugar, cow’s milk, soda and industrial fruit juice. It’s a start …


And when you know how to make juices, you may also want to make smoothies.


With a vegetable juice

Simply juice some carrots, cucumber, tomatoes, celery and parsley.

Pour this juice in a blender and add avocado pieces. Blend it a few seconds and voilà! Serve it with a dollop of yogurt. smoothie

With a fruit juice

Add a few pieces of fruit to the juice, as well as a few seeds and nuts (cashew, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds) to add a little protein. You may also increase the protein content with a scoop of vanilla whey powder ( on amazon). Increasing the protein content is especially important to stabilize blood sugar and manage moodiness, fatigue, loss of ernergy.


The “plus” ingredient

As you see, smoothies may be very easy high nutrition for kids. But you have the possibility to go further by adding to it a few drops of very powerful ingredients : the essential oils.

This is what I will explain in the third chapter of “The right food for your children”.


In the meantime, enjoy, share, and leave me your comments!