We never have too much love in life.

Help yourself, with rose otto Essential Oil, the irreplaceable.

When I give conferences about emotional suffering, I very often suggest aromatic blends including rose essential oil. And very often, I’m being asked if there is any alternative, simply because it is one of the most expensive essential oil
Well, I’m sorry to say: there are not any.

Rose otto: the queen of essential oilsth

Rose otto (rosa damascena) essential oil has been a favorite for centuries for its aroma, but also, its therapeutic value.

This oil is associated to the heart as an unconditional source of love. This is the essential oil to give in case of anxiety, chronic depression and especially, when someone hurt your feelings, betrayed your love.

Yes, this is the ultimate in terms of emotional management.

But, it is important to know that rose is also a must in case of heavy toxicity and inflammation.

Of course, we have lots of essential oils able to address toxicity and inflammation, but sometimes, when physical toxicity is paired with emotional toxicity, it is very useful to create a synergy that associates the powers of regular anti-toxic essential oils with the multi tasking abilities of rose otto.

Rose essential oil: life energyth

There is something that is not always said about rose otto: this is the essential oils with the highest energetic vibration.

Any living plant, animal, human, needs enzymes to process its cells during its life process.

Each enzyme holds a crystal like shape and its own vibrational frequency.

An essential oil vibrational frequency is the reflection of its component’s quality.

It is about life force. Bio-energy. These factors will give the oil its therapeutic value.

Each essential oil has its own vibrational frequency, all different according to its therapeutic value.

To give you a comparative idea of what it can be: juniper berry produces 98Mhz, true lavender 118 Mhz and rose otto….320 Mhz!

We know that a human cell starts degenerating when its frequency goes lower than 62Mhz. We know that the human body vibrates at 55 Mhz when its imbalanced with candidosis, and vibrates as low as 42 mhz when a cancer is growing.

So, including some high frequency essential oils in your daily routine of care is a very efficient way to help your own frequency to stay high. You notice it both physically and emotionally.

It is a very good way to make yourself available to love and joy, two huge stress antidotes.

It happened to one of my clients: she wrote to me saying that she got submerged by a pure bliss moment, inducing some tears of joy. She was alone in her car…she had to stop and enjoy this moment…90 minutes! She was experiencing the incredible feeling of being free, aligned with her true self….and a high energetic level.

If you suffer emotionally, if you need more love, more energy, do the right thing.

Do not disperse your self with expensive approaches or products: chose the very expensive product that will make a real difference in your life: rose otto essential oil.

The oil of unconditional love

In its course on depression, Gabriel Mojay explains that “rose essential oil is advised to palliate to a deep loss of self esteem, where emotional suffering blocks any self love, especially when it leads to emotional coldness, rejection and betrayal”.

No need to explain how important it is to have this oil handy if your love life looks like a roller coaster…

Children will also make a good use of this oil: in case of divorce, when one parent is absent or dead. Children do not always express their feelings, but if they tend to have lower grades, show signs of aggressiveness, helplessness, this is the oils to offer them, massaged on their chest as a night ritual.

At night, this oil will help you erase your stress and get ready to sleep. It is useful for any cardiovascular issue, agitation, nervous tension and cardiac distress.

How to use it?

Like any other essential oil, simply dilute it in a carrier oil of your choice. I give all the basics here: https://naturalbalanceclub.com/essential-oils-user-manual/

How to choose the right rose essential oil?

Rose otto essential oil is distilled and should be clear like water and runny.

This oil gets a little bit thicker at low temperature: if you let is warm up in your hands, it should become as fluid as normal.

It should cost about 150 dollars for 5 ml, pure.

Be aware that most of the time you’ll be offered a 2% dilution of rose otto in jojoba : this is less pricey, and better than nothing.

However, when you need to raise your energetic level, pure is better. This is why it is a good idea to order it pure, on line, in a reputable place such as huiles-et-sens.com.