We’ve all had a”stomach ache” at some point in our lives. But the term “stomach ache”  can mean many things… 

My goal here is to help you avoid unnecessary trips to the doctor’s (and drugs): I will try to detail out what does in fact happen when your stomach hurts, what parts of the digestive system are involved, what it means, and what causes it.

I will supply you with methods to prevent the onset of certain painful symptoms that usually require the intervention of a doctor.

From gastric reflux, to stomach ulcers, and chronic constipation, they will all be detailed out!


When your stomach is burning: GERDth

  1. Reflux symptoms (heartburn) are among the most common digestive problems.
    A recent Swedish study shows that 6% of people suffer from heartburn daily and 14% weekly.
    This frequency of symptoms indicates that these people suffer from what is called gastroesophagal reflux. Besides being painful, reflux can damage the esophagus to the point of creating conditions for cancer.
    Symptoms of reflux are described as a burning sensation ascending from the center of the abdomen to the sternum, in the chest.
    This pain may be accompanied by a bitter taste in the mouth, and drooling, especially at night.


Pregnancy, certain drugs (anti-inflammatory drugs, aspirin), lack of stomach hydrochloric acid, alcohol and certain acidifying foods may trigger acid reflux.


Also be aware that children under 12 and some adults suffer from reflux without feeling burning in the esophagus: they simply have difficulty swallowing and a dry cough.
There are a variety of medications that reduce stomach acid level, such as Nexium, Prilosec and Portonix, but beside the fact that these drugs are not without risks, they do not cure anything. They will however make you sicker by dangerously reducing your already low level of HcL, making your digestion inefficient and your level of absorption so low that you will start lacking in a number of nutriments. Lack of nutriment is the key to immunity imbalances and, impaired cell regeneration.

What to do?

Stat with essential oils : peppermint (mentha piperita) and angelica root are useful to increase you HcL production in the stomach. More natural acid means less reflux.

Here is a little massage blend : in 5 ml of base oil (almond), add :

  • 3 drops peppermint EO
  • 2 drops of angelica EO

Massage it on your stomach area twice a day.

You may also use the power of a supplement : Get some Betain HCL with pepsin (600mg) and take one during your meals. It should bring instant relief. If not, stop using it.

Your diet : avoid sugar, alcohol and spicy meals.



Pebbles in the stomach: gallbladder stones.img_comment_manger_si_vous_avez_des_calculs_de_la_vesicule_703_200_square


Only 1/4 of the people who suffer are properly treated. If you are at risk, make sure you follow a low oxalates diet (or take magnesium and calcium citrate).

These small stones composed of cholesterol and bile salts are commonly eliminated with the removal of the gall bladder, one of the most common interventions.
This removal may be necessary if the stones cause inflammation or infection of the bladder, pancreas or liver.

Pain from a stone stuck in a bile duct connecting the liver and the small intestine occurs relatively quickly, in the right side region of the upper abdomen, between the shoulder blades or under the right shoulder.

It is sometimes accompanied by fever, vomiting, and if it lasts for more than five hours, you’ll have to go to the emergency room to be taken care of.

Know that today we can remove the gallbladder without external incision, through the mouth or vagina.

I found that a raw juice diet, teamed with regular enemas and essential oils, work as well… and reduce the need of surgery later on.

Obesity increases the risks, especially in the case of “yoyo” weight loss and recovery: the more weight differences, the greater the risk of making gallbladder stones.
Women taking birth control pills are also at risk.


The best way to prevent stones: detoxify your gallbladder regularly and making sure it produces enough bile.

The essential oil to use : grapefruit diluted and applied daily on the stomach. This oil does miracles in dissolving stones.th



Sensitivities and food intolerance lead to stomach ache




• Lack of digestive enzymes (also because of a lack of Hcl in the stomach)
• Leaky gut
• Poor gut flora
• Immune reactions to foods

These are some of the most common causes of abdominal pain: cramps, gas, nausea or diarrhea.

It’s important to be aware of this, because in cases like these, avoiding a trigger food or taking enzymes is sufficient to eliminate symptoms, which is much better than taking medication.


What to do?

Ask your doctor for a IgG test, in addition to the IgA and IgE. It will give you the whole picture of what foods you are reacting to.


Diverticulitis : gut inflammation


When it occurs, diverticulosis gives you abdominal pain, especially in the left quarter of the lower abdomen, with a possible fever.
Diverticulosis happens when a growth on the intestinal wall (diverticulum) becomes inflamed. If a diverticulum becomes damaged enough to cause an abscess: nausea, vomiting and fever can add on to the pain and require surgery.

What to do?

Follow a candida diet to fight inflammation and toxicity. I have one here full of recipes and aromatic remedies



Ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease

They are the most common inflammatory bowel diseases.

They are manifested by pain in the abdomen, diarrhea, anemia and sometimes rectal bleeding, and weight loss.

Most of the time, it’ll take two erroneous diagnosis before arriving at either of these diseases, because “we first think” of appendicitis, irritable bowel syndrome, ulcers or stomach flu.
Crohn’s disease can be identified by the presence of ulcers in the wall of any part of the gastrointestinal tract, which leads to infections, a thickening of the intestinal mucosa, and blockages that require surgery.

Ulcerative colitis affects only the colon and rectum: here the ulcers bleed and may be purulent.

Conventional medicine leans on surgery to deal with ulcerative colitis… so it is worth trying alternative approaches first.


What to do : two weeks of juice fast to reboot your immunity, if possible with bone broth.


Constipation: the mother of stomach pain



Some think that going to the bathroom 3 times a week is normal … in my book, if we do not go 2-3 times per day, we are constipated.

I meet a lot of chronically constipated who want to get rid of their pimples, stomach ache, headaches, and have no idea that if they weren’t constipated they wouldn’t have these symptoms.


Constipation is a kind of modern evil coming from sitting in front a desk, ingestion of refined products, poor intestinal flora, and the lack of water. This is actually the mother of a large number of common imbalances.

Some of them are:
– Appendicitis
– Bad breath
– Body odor
– Coated tongue

– Depression
– Diverticulosis
– Fatigue
– Gas
– Headache
– Hemorrhoids
– Hernias
– Indigestion
– Insomnia
– Malabsorption syndrome
– Obesity
– Varicose veins

  • However, this is easily avoidable!
  • Simply practice prevention by detoxifying your liver regularly!
    The scenario I often encounter is: many people constipated for X reason suffer from inflammation caused by their auto-intoxication.
    Indeed, the fact that their bodies contain organic waste that should be eliminated often causes self acidification. This leads to joint aches, immunity issues (various infections) followed by fatigue, stress, and depression.
  • At this point, conventional medicine will suggest you take antidepressants, anti-inflammatory drugs, painkillers, antibiotics, drugs that all have something in common: one of their main side effect is constipation. 

Here is how the vicious circle is fed constantly… the root cause won’t be addressed and your symptoms are doomed to become chronic.
Most of the time a nutritional approach will be sufficient, but we must consider that many people experience constipation for emotional reasons, stress, and irregularities due to multiple time zones traveling.

Needless to say that dealing with all this isn’t a laxative’s job. Unless it is a new generation laxative they didn’t market yet  ….


What to do?

Use this aromatherapy blend to massage your feet, thighs and fore-arms

In 5 ml of base oil, add :

2 drops tea tree EO

2 drops rosemary EO

1 drop angelica root EO

Use the power of juicing to cool off your body and detox it: use wheat grass juice or green magma if you have no time for juicing. Take 1000 mg of flax oil, 2000 mg vitamin C, and good quality probiotics.

Eat naturally fermented foods such as kefir, sauerkraut, kimchi and homemade yogurt.


Stomach ulcer: when the stomach is bleeding!


It’s a small hole in the gastrointestinal tract.

Duodenal ulcer, the most common, is located within 15 cm of the small intestine.
Stomach ulcer is called gastric ulcer.
-Major causes of ulcer are stress and the use of non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, aspirin, as well as cigarette smoke.

In addition, most of the people suffering from it are infected with the bacteria Helicobacter pylori, which is found in over 90% of people who suffer from a duodenal ulcer, and in about 80% of those with ulcer Gastric.

However, if most people who suffer from ulcer carry this bacteria, only one infected person in 6 will develop an ulcer, duodenal or gastric.

The main symptoms include stomach burns that can last from 30 minutes to 3 hours.
Sometimes the pain appears at every meal, but more often a person wakes up in the middle of the night. Weeks of pain may be followed by weeks without …

If conventional medicine will offer anti-acid drugs, aromatherapy will offer anti-stress essential oils, aromatic helicobacter treatment, and a proper anti-inflammatory diet (no sugar, no gluten, no dairy).

 What to do?

We must not overlook the possibility of candidiasis, which is often the cause of stomachaches.

To test yourself, read the following article:

Candida albicans, the cause of your health problems

And do not forget that your children can also benefit from it.

I give you a few tips in this video:

10 steps to help your child follow the candida diet

  What about you? I’ll be happy to have your comments about stomach ache…talk to me!