After multiple dermatologists, specialists and years of suffering … yes, it is possible to free yourself from eczema!

“When I called Cecile, it was two years since I lived a hell because of eczema plates on my body and my face.

Doctors, dermatologists and allergists had failed to solve the problem.

I was prescribed cortisone, which removed the plaques on my face and attenuated (without ever making them disappear) those on my body. But everything came back and more invasive than ever every time I stopped treatment.

I ended up having to take cortisone almost continuously.

After a year, I began to develop allergies to hypoallergenic moisturizing creams prescribed by my dermatologist. And even with cortisone creams, the patches on my face no longer disappeared.

My skin burned and itched constantly, I was swollen and deformed, I was no longer sleeping, I was exhausted and exhausted.

The treatment recommended by Cécile provided for a change in my diet, with vitamins and supplements and essential oils for internal and external use.

She listened to me throughout the treatment, making adjustments based on my reactions.

Gradually, my condition improved and three months later, my skin has finally returned to normal.

I cannot thank her enough and I hope this testimony can help people in my condition. “Sandrine, France


When you have everything in life… except a little something missing…

“Many thanks Cecile for giving me back my energy and my vitality.

When we started coaching, I was dragging a burden that was holding back my life. Engulfed between the traumas of childhood (it’s their feeling that counts) and the anxiety of the future, I did not know how to reconnect with who I really am. Physiological dysfunctions, organic blockages, bad assimilation, mental confusion, lack of self-confidence, in the future… so many manifestations of my resistance to let go. Thanks to your listening and your professionalism, a succession of protocols could be put into place, without any apparent success. But you were able to convince me to persevere, and you adapted your prescription. Constant interaction. Always listening, always confident in my ability to self-repair with your unconditional support and your prescriptions. In the space of a few weeks, all the doors opened. The resistances, the very deep interior barriers gave way one after another, leaving room for great harmony. Six months after the last “protocol”, I’m getting better every day. But above all, especially, I know that the slightest malfunction, we will have the means to find a solution together.

Thank you a thousand times for making me free. Thank you for your patience, your precious listening and your communicative joy. Thank you for believing in my capacity for self-healing that has manifested through you.

Yours truly,



When AromaPro saves your life while medicine is killing you…

“Hello Cecile,

I don’t always take the time to testify but this subject concerns me particularly so I took 2 min to do it. In 2007 after a week of tiredness and intense stiffness diagnosed by doctors as the beginning of flu, I stayed in bed paralyzed from head to toe almost all morning. Urgently hospitalized, I remained in this state for almost 3 weeks before a doctor entered my room to tell me that in view of the results I have rheumatoid arthritis. He doesn’t even bother explaining to me what it is and tells me that it is a treatment for life anyway. I leave the hospital helpless and begin to be followed by a rheumatologist. The only one able to answer my questions is Google! I took the NSAIDs plus methotrexate orally. My health improves fictively at first, but the side effects of the treatment are hard to live with: vomiting, nosebleeds, and hair that no longer grow. I’m 20 years old. I talk about these symptoms to my doctor who tells me it’s in my head. He solves the problem by prescribing methotrexate in injectable form, asks me to inject myself at night followed by sleeping pills to avoid symptoms. The descent to hell continues: I’m 21 years old. Depression sets in deeper and deeper, and no one understands what’s happening to me: I have suicidal drives frequently. I know I can feel this treatment destroying me and I decide to stop everything. Another doctor prescribed me penicillin for injection, I no longer have side effects, but I have the energy of a 70-year-old woman. I develop mycosis repeatedly and search with my friend Google how to treat it naturally because I was no longer able to swallow another pill. I stumble on you, your blog, and my second life has begun. I would even go as far as to say, you saved my life! I understand everything, found my food intolerances; I changed everything, my diet and began to discover essential oils. Later I joined Aromapro master (which I still have not had time to finish) but my life has changed. Against the advice of everyone around me, I stopped any form of drugs and followed your instructions to the letter. At the dawn of my 30 years, I have no longer been taking any medication for 5 years; I master (at my level) the holistic use of EO… Today I understand why my body had come to that breaking point, and you gave me the keys to be responsible for my health and especially to know how to listen to my body. I’m no longer seeing any doctors except the dentist… anyway, I now live now without pain, I practice hydrotherapy and almost never get sick. I cover myself from head to toe in essential oils on a daily basis, for prevention and pleasure. For those who read this message and who still hesitate: go ahead and ignore those around you! For me it’s the beginning of a new cure anti candidate, but the good that it brings me is priceless especially when you know how to manage the side effects! I never took the time to do it because you had already put my life so much back on track that I am today starting up my second company, and often lack the time… THANKS THANK YOU THANK YOU”

Marine. France

Naturopathy: no panacea … Be open to the rest!

I am a naturopath and I thought I understood everything about health. But here it is: after four years of naturopathic studies and after practicing live nutrition and vegetarianism for years, I realized that not only was the chronic candidiasis I was suffering from still there, but that I was in even worse shape than before!

I had no tolerance for cold, my hands and feet were always frozen, I was always hungry and more and more attracted to sweet foods and chocolate! Not to mention the fungus, eczema, etc … To be honest, I felt withered; I felt that nothing that I did was suitable for me. It’s so hard to go against what we learn in training!

When I came across Cecile’s site “by chance” while looking for serious aromatherapy training, I was first struck by some articles that were in complete contradiction with what I had learned at school of naturopathy. For example: the importance of eating protein or not eating fruit to treat candidiasis.

However, my curiosity was titillated. From articles to videos, it made its way into me little by little and I finally decided to try something other than what I had been taught at school. So I contacted Cecile, originally to help my little boy of 4 years who was covered with eczema for two years. I quickly realized that we were linked by this candidiasis and that we had to move forward together.

Cécile was able to guide us with patience, kindness and instruction for 3 months. I gradually modified our diet, used mixtures of essential oils. There was never a moment of doubt, she was always there to help us.

Today, I realize that none of us have been sick since this summer, no visit to the doctor! I continue the anti-candida diet without difficulty, and even with pleasure: I who had previously deprived myself so much of food such as eggs or meat, or just hot food! I’m not cold at all; my hands are almost always hot. My typical symptoms of skin problems are at the end of healing, those of my son have completely disappeared. The behavior of my two boys, which was sometimes difficult, really evolved: they became cute, kind and so much calmer.

The whole family is better, so a big thank you to you Cecile! I can not thank you enough for having opened my mind and for having helped us so much to put in place a real hygiene of life, far from the dogmas, and adapted to what we lived.

So I signed up for AromaPro, and I look forward to starting your training! Nothing happens by chance, it’s exactly what I needed, as a Mom, and also as a therapist.

Emmanuelle, France.