By: Cecile Ellert

If you’ve read my other articles about candida and candidiasis, you now know that it’s very easy to suffer from an over-population of candida albicans and the widespread inflammation it causes in your body: candidiasis chronic.

I previously mentioned in my articles concerning obesity and cellulite, that inflammation is the cause of a lot of uncontrollable weight gain.

The mechanics related to candidiasis explain why a diet will work for a limited time (at best…) and why on the other hand nothing will work.

In spite of all my material on the subject, I still receive questions about it all the time: too many of you are having trouble loosing or gaining weight easily.

Fortunately, I have received some letters from those of you who have finally been able to lose weight thanks to the anti-candida program (Your aromatic anti-candida program)… like Caroline, who lives in Hong Kong: 

“Some info concerning your detox program.
After following it a few months ago and losing around 15 lbs at the same time, all my girlfriends wanted to do it.

So, we got into it all together (and it’s frankly more motivating!) (…) I admit that the 2nd time is easier than the 1st. I’m less confused with recipes and I do what I like, and I know how to adapt.
As for the morning smoothie, it is made with the leftover fruits and vegetables of the day before. Very convenient!

If I continue at this current momentum, I will have lost around 20 lbs by the end of the year: it’s not bad, but I think I’ll stop there 😉 “

Frankly, Caroline did not really need to lose weight… but it’s true that Chinese women are usually so skinny that we feel a little chunky next to them.

Anyway, I would my advice to serve those who really have weight problems, and therefore real inflammation problems.

So here’s what you need to know if you can’t shake the weight

Know that one of the symptoms of candidiasis is weight gain, or difficulty losing weight.

In fact, it can generate the kind of fat deposits that are difficult to dislodge, no matter how big or small the amount of food you eat or the amount of exercise you do. You have to understand one thing: no diet will help if you do not deal with the causes of the problem: chronic candidiasis.

Toxic waste of candida

Candida lives by feeding on your sugar, starchy foods, and drug intake: it then reproduces and dies. In fact, even when you treat your candidiasis, toxins released by a dying Candida cell continues to be released into the bloodstream.

This is why after a few days of relief at the very beginning of the program, you suddenly start to experience weird symptoms again… and as a result you assume that your treatment isn’t working. So silly!

In fact, whether during the course of treatment or before, the liver has more work because it must filter the toxins in question and send them to the kidneys. In the process, the liver is often overworked (by the excess of toxins in your bloodstream).

So, the liver must put its toxins in reserve for later: now, the best place to store all this is the fat cells around your hips, your belly, and your thighs.

It’s in these places that the fat deposits are a result of inflammation, therefore, candidiasis.

Sugar cravings, cakes, bread… etc – chocolate cake

In addition to the fact that candida needs sugar to reproduce, with a certain level of toxicity on top of a natural inclination, have people suffering from candidiasis live off of carbohydrates. Wheat and sugar are addictive foods that create addictions and feelings of withdrawal that go far beyond a mere psychological dependence.

In fact, Candida consumes large amounts of sugar and lowers blood sugar levels. This sugar drop triggers signals that tell the brain you need more sugar. You feel that you need it. It’s physical. Your whole nervous system is at bay.

Bring on the stress

Toxic waste from candida also weakens your immune system: stressing the adrenal glands that increase your cortisol level, an emergency response mechanism that tells the body to build up the reserves necessary for its survival. Reserves? Fat.


I think this is one of the main causes of weight gain in people with candidiasis: we eat to have energy because we’re tired all the time.
In fact, candida releases 79 different toxins in the body, including debilitating neurotoxins such as acetaldehydes.

These toxins cause symptoms as diverse as:

  • Tiredness
  • Confusion in ideas
  • Depression

It is often this level of toxicity that prevents candida-invaded individuals from exercising, or just having the motivation to work on themselves.

They have no energy and no drive. They are caught in a vicious circle with no end in sight.

That’s why a simple calorie reduction only treats the symptoms instead of attacking the cause.

We know how to lose weight, but often, it is a question of carrying out a deep reset in which the detoxification of the body intervenes largely.

By following an anti-fungal program, learning how to eliminate certain toxicities in your life: you are often much more likely to lose weight and maintain a cruising weight without effort, especially since weight loss is only one of the “side effects” noticed. This is also accompanied by a newfound energy, good mood, desire to take care of oneself, to change things for the better, and to enjoy a new found optimism.

Essential oils are not foreign to this transformation and make the experience even more enjoyable.

Try, you’ll see…