If you are a women, you know it…

85% of urinary infections are caused by a bacterium that is usually found in the gut: Escherichia coli, found in both sexes.

But the possibilities of developing a urinary infection depends on many factors including:

• Pregnancy

• Sex

• Systemic diseases such as diabetes

These factors are common to another source of infection largely linked to the onset of urinary tract infection: Candida albicans candidiasis.

Urinary tract infections: woman’s cystitis

UTIs, whether cystitis (bladder infection), urethritis (infection of the urethra) or pyelonephritis (kidney infection) are most common in women. When they occur in men, they reveal an origin of a prostate problem or as the result of sex.

In fact, the bacteria responsible for urinary tract infections travels very easily from the anus to the reproductive organs in women, or from an infected prostate in men.

Symptoms of urinary tract infections

The painful symptoms of a UTI are easily recognized.

An overwhelming need to urinate: however, in the effort of emptying the bladder (often not very full) is painful.

The urge to urinate returns very soon after our last trip to the bathroom.

Localized burning sensation can be felt at the end of urinating: the urine can be cloudy and even carry blood and at that stage, which is usually very painful.

By itself, the urinary tract infection is not serious, but untreated it can degenerate into a kidney infection.

It’s this threat that stimulates many patients to follow antibiotics treatments, even if they do not necessarily solve the problem since they are often prescribed without diagnosing the origin of the infection. In short, antibiotics should be kept for real emergencies… and you have here many reasons to do without, one of them being to act by yourself as soon as you feel the slightest symptom.

Urinary tract infections and Candida

If the infection was fueled by the growth of a fungus such as candida albicans, an antibiotic treatment will stimulate the proliferation of candida (and increase the weakening factor of the body). Acidifying the body’s terrain and thus increasing the propensity to infections, which ultimately will contribute to a weakened immunity as well as the body’s ability to fight against the next UTI.

Another good reason to not rush into antibiotics when you notice new little UTI symptoms!

Your best move : avoiding it

The secret to guard against this type of infection is to react with the right tools at the first symptoms.

The secret is MASSIVE ACTION!
If you aren’t being consistent in your efforts, you won’t get any results. You need to act with coherence.

The best way is to be ready with the proper tools: those that will slowly help your body to heal and without intoxicating it with chemicals you don’t actually need.

Here’s how to build your Anti-UTI Kit.

Cranberry extract in capsule: the first anti-UTI weapon (trust me)

Cranberry is one of the best herbal remedies available to cure cystitis. By acidifying the urine, the hyppuric acid produced by this small berry inhibits the growth of bacteria, and other components prevent bacteria from adhering to the inner wall of the bladder. Take two pills at each meal, in addition you may also regularly drink unsweetened cranberries juice that that has been diluted in water. Always drink a lot when you are suffering from a UTI. You will see a change, on one condition: you stop eating sugar.

Sugar free diet

Sugar feeds the bacteria and candida. By removing sugar from your diet, your symptoms decrease very quickly, and as a result you increase your chances of seeing your infection disappear without the intervention of chemical drugs.

Vegetable juice

You have to drink a lot during a urinary infection, so, why not hit two birds with one stone? The stone in question: celery-parsley-carrot juice will do you a lot of good (it has vitamins and minerals that will step in to fight inflammation and boost your immunity), and is a natural diuretic.

Ideally, you need a juicer. Juice 4 carrots, 2 stalks of celery and a hand full of fresh parsley. All of it being preferably organic. Drink it… as much as possible, all day.

The alternative juice

If you do not have the time to make homemade juices, get pure Tahitian noni juice (my favorite is Morinda original). It is the only fruit juice that will actively help you.

My recommendation : drink (at least) 60 ml worth in the morning and evening followed by a large glass of water, but you are strongly encouraged to drink as many as you want all day! The more, the better…

This anti-inflammatory juice is also antiseptic and antifungal. It will quickly calm your symptoms and accelerate your healing. Take advantage of it.

Important : Avoid fruit juices (fructose), especially citrus fruits (that’s right, orange juice) that encourage the proliferation of bacteria in the urine.

Don’t drink alcohol, or coffee…
If you find it overwhelming to consider, remember how painful UTIs can be…

Another good idea is to feed the good bacteria in your gut, and for that, probiotics every morning might help (they must be stored cool when you buy them).

An anti-candida diet

Basically, a diet that makes you cut out all carbs, sugar and dairy. But it can be enjoyable! Available to you on Natural Balance Club is an easy and comprehensive program available in book form that thousands of women are using right now in Europe. No thinking. Just following a new set of rules and getting results… its as easy as that. You might also get rid of a few extra pounds, fatigue, recurrent infections, acne, thrush etc…

Warm baths with baking soda

Only wear very clean cotton underwear.

Don’t use conventional soap for your personal hygiene, but instead a soothing liquid soap.

If you detect blood in your urine, consult a doctor immediately.

Urinary infection aromatherapy

Aromatherapy provides a clinical as well as a psychological approach to urinary tract infections.

Let’s start with the clinical approach. This is how we replace conventional antibiotics and avoid side effects.

Anti-bacterial and antiseptic essential oils

As soon as there are bacteria to fight and fungi to weaken, the essential oils are tools of choice thanks to their efficiency and their safety: also to the fact that they participate in the reinforcement of the immune system, which can’t be said about antibiotics.

I do not promote any remedies to be taken orally for safety reasons.

However, the application of oils on the skin is very effective because essential oils are lipids and love fatty tissues… which is what our skin is made of. Our own fat carries the oils the bloodstream in 30 minutes.

You will need:

– Winter savory EO (Satujera Montana to cavacrol)

– Thyme vulgaris EO (Thymus vulgaris to linaloliferum)

– Marjoram EO (origanum majorama)

Make the following mix, ready to massage on your belly and on a specific point located behind the knee, into the popliteal fossa (bladder 40).

Preparation : In a glass bottle that closes well, pour 20 ml of base oil (avocado, apricot…) and add 6 drops of each essential oil: Sariette, thyme and Marjoram.

Massage yourself on the lower abdomen (at the level of the bladder) as well as on the bladder point 40, two to three times a day minimum, and to calm the pain with each urination.

The psycho-emotional approach of urinary tract infections

You are resentful about someone, usually someone involved in your love life.

You need to let go and relieve yourself emotionally by massaging the back of your neck and trapezius with the following mixture:

In 5 ml of oil infused with St. John’s Wort.

2 drops of Thyme vulgaris EO
2 drops of Cedar EO
1 drop of Sandalwood EO

Massage as often and as long as you wish.

There. Now you have efficient tools to act when needed. But you may also choose to work on your terrain and transform what feeds this type of infection in your body!

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