Our perfumes, deodorants, make up, hair products, face creams, soaps, mosquito repellent, dish soaps, all contain potentially dangerous products that may penetrate deep into our organs and induce deadly diseases.

According to a study lead by Bionsen, a British cosmetic company selling aluminium free deodorants, a woman applies an average of 515 chemicals on her body everyday.


Dirty products in a dirty worldProduits de beauté

In a world that exposes us to breath, drink and eat toxins that are difficult to avoid on a daily basis, do we really need to add toxic products when we can choose not to?

Think about it. Don’t you have a choice?

But the worse is this: not only are we harming ourselves on the name of convenience and marketing appeal, we are also transmitting these poisons to our children.


For instance, triclosan and troclocarban, two antibacterian agents found in numerous common products, are also found in pregnant women bodies…which means that their are potentially transferred to their fetuses.


Perhaps are you doing your best to buy only natural products?

Are you?

Well, all theses so called “natural products” are not always as natural as they claim. Most of them are still loaded with chemicals. As I said earlier, these chemicals taken separately are not such a threat…but their accumulation is!

One of the main reason why more and more children are diagnosed with autism spectrum today is that they inherited the heavy metal toxicity of their mother. As we say: toxicity load the gun. After that, not much can pull the trigger.

All these chemically dirty “beauty products” are loading the gun.

The only real way to avoid them is still to make these products yourself!

Until then, do the right moves;


The clean/smart alternatives to dirty productssavon


Do not chose antimicrobial, deodorant and artificially perfumed soaps.

In France we have soaps such as Savon de Marseilles and Savon d’Alep that are guaranteed for their purity.


They are sold in specialty shops, but especially on line!

Choose your toothpaste Fluoride free,

  • Choose your shampoo sulfate and dyes free (wholefoods sells completely clear and free shampoos),
  • Make your own deodorant, body moisturizer, face cream, perfume, lip balm, scrubs, face and hair masks with the added power and smell of essential oils!huile







The “Aromatic Beauty remedies book” I offer you when you subscribe to the aromatic-300newsletter is full of simple, healthy and safe ways to take care of your beauty and general well being.

It is worth the time and little effort of getting the ingredients and having fun making these products on a rainy Sunday!


Here youll find all the details about how to properly use essential oils. A good way to stop applying more chemicals on your body every day!

Try it, tell me what you think and spread the word!